Lunchtime Reads for Bill of Rights Day (December 15)

Well, hello to you all, and a very happy Bill of Rights Day! Here’s the proclamation from President Joe Biden recognizing the importance of the Bill of Rights.

Also, you have 9 shopping days until Christmas. Godspeed.

Let’s get to the news!

Pat Conroy

  • The still-dysfunctional rental aid distribution in Georgia has some families worrying they’ll be homeless for the holiday.
  • Like a bad zombie flick, the chance that Sonny Perdue could be the next chancellor of the University System of Georgia is still not dead. (Alternate link.)
  • A former Emory Law School student has sued the university for gender discrimination over its handling of a rape allegation. (Alternate link.)
  • The Georgia Water Commission has released its annual Dirty Dozen list, featuring such menaces as coal ash and the shipwreck.
  • Twenty-four people have been indicted on conspiracy charges in Waycross over their involvement with a modern-day slavery ring abusing the federal H2-A worker program.
  • Questions surrounding contamination exposure at Dobbins Air Force Base have prompted a visit from Pentagon officials.
  • German liner shipping company Hapag-Lloyd will move its international headquarters to Dunwoody. (Alternate link.)

Alice Walker

Flannery O’Connor

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