Rep. Gasaway Hopes Fourth Time’s the Charm for HD-28 Victory

One court challenge, one new election and one recount aren’t enough for Rep. Dan Gasaway to admit defeat. 

The Republican from Homer alleges 17 illegal votes that were cast for his opponent may have cost him the two-vote election. And he wants a court to settle this–again. 

“We are just focused on the fact that there is illegal voting going on,” [Gasaway] told the I-Team.

Gasaway filed a lawsuit late today that claims at least 14 people voted illegally in his race. Gasaway claimed one of those district voters was Banks County Sheriff Carlton Speed, whom Gasaway claims, doesn’t live in Banks county.

“I don’t know what Mr. Gasaway’s intentions are. Unfortunately, it sounds like sour grapes to me,” said Sheriff Speed.

Regardless of how close the results are, election losses are like divorces: after the third you gotta think it’s you.

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