Carr Rejects Kemp Campaign Hacking Claim, Clears DPG

Attorney General Chris Carr’s office says there was no attempt from the DPG to hack election information during the 2018 election.

Two days before the election in a totally-not-politically-motivated case based off totally-not-specious claims that Democrats had committed “possible cyber crimes” with online election databases.

The AG’s memo about the state’s investigation said in short: nope. There was “no evidence of damage to the SOS network or computers, and no evidence of theft, damage, or loss of data.”

DPG Chair Senator Nikema Williams said in a statement:

“More than a year after the sitting secretary of state leveraged baseless accusations against his political opponents, we’re finally receiving closure on an ‘investigation’ that has been a sham from the start. As we have since well before these outright lies came to light in the first place, Georgia Democrats will continue to do everything in our power to fight back against voter suppression.”

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