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And There was Great Rejoicing

If you missed the news during your morning torture commute today, drivers everywhere are celebrating. The I-85 bridge will reopen for morning rush Monday, May 15. A full month ahead of schedule. Kudos to GDOT, all the contractors and inspectors on the project, and shoot, let’s just congratulate everybody. We made it.

Senator David Perdue Tours I-85 Bridge Repair

U.S. Senator David Perdue and Georgia Department of Transportation Commissioner Russell McMurry toured the I-85 bridge rebuilding effort and discussed the construction progress. According to a presser:   “I am grateful that no Georgians were injured during the I-85 bridge collapse,” said Senator Perdue. “A special thank you goes out to our first responders for their swift action

Grinding Axes Won’t Fix Traffic

This week’s Courier Herald column: It’s a tried and true axiom. Never let a crisis go to waste. No sooner than had a section of I-85 collapsed due to a freak yet apparently quite preventable incident last Thursday evening than opportunists seeking a vehicle for their agenda poured into social media to grind their quite

GDOT Announces Suburban Tourism Program, I-85 To Be Renamed

Publisher’s note: The following was published on April 1, 2017. Not coincidentally, this date is also commonly known as “April Fool’s Day”. The following piece is pure satire/fiction. No actual GDOT employees (or, more specifically their quotes) appear in this piece. We regret that we live in a world where this disclaimer is necessary, and