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Battery Recycling Now Part of Georgia’s EV Future

This week’s Courier Herald column: You’ve likely seen the meme shared on Facebook.  It purports to be an electric car graveyard in France.  There are variations on the text surrounding the photo, but the conclusion suggested is generally the same:  EV’s are bad because the expensive batteries soon go bad and the cars are junked,

Do Georgia’s Senators Side With Unions Or Georgia’s Workers?

This week’s Courier Herald column: A few months ago I wrote a column suggesting that it was time to accept electric vehicles as mainstream.  Too many, mostly from conservative political circles, associate the advancement in technology with overreaching political agendas. The two concepts can and should be treated separately.  Adapting to new technologies and incorporating

More warehouses means more truck traffic

This week’s Courier Herald column: Orchard Hills was a golf course on which I spent a few sunny days during my late teens into my early thirties.  It wasn’t part of an exclusive country club nor part of a developer’s pathway to sell suburban McMansions.  It was just a nice piece of rolling land that

On the birthday of a GA Interstate

This week’s Courier Herald column: Interstate 285 turned fifty years old this month.  The then two-lane highway opened in October 1969 allowing travelers to completely bypass Atlanta.  Georgia hasn’t built many freeways since I-285, favoring instead to constantly add lanes to those we already have.  I-16 connected Macon to Savannah in 1978.  Other spur highways