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Transit And The Power Of Honest Brokers

This week’s Courier Herald column: The journey that culminated in this year’s Atlanta regional transit bill began years ago, and has been an ongoing effort since the 2015 bill that increased funding for Georgia’s road and bridge network. Included in that bill was a bond package split between transit providers across the state, urban and

Ralston: A Call to Action for “Building a Stronger America”

Guest Op-Ed By Speaker David Ralston (R-Blue Ridge) From the world’s busiest airport to the fastest growing container port in America, Georgia leads the nation in moving people and goods. That didn’t happen by accident. On the contrary, for generations, Georgians have invested in the infrastructure necessary to facilitate our forward momentum. Recently, we have

Fresh Tea Leaves Coming This Week From GA’s Capitol

This week’s Courier Herald column: Several questions will be answered this week in the Georgia General Assembly that will have an impact on Georgia’s long term future. These will bleed into upcoming campaigns and, with most statewide offices up for election, will thus send an early signal of how Georgia will be governed as well

Speaker David Ralston Attends Infrastructure Announcement

Georgia House Speaker David Ralston attended President Donald Trump’s announcement yesterday on his commitment to infrastructure improvements across America. As Charlie touches on in his column yesterday, Georgia is positioned to benefit from the President’s focus on state-centered infrastructure solutions. President Trump’s budget is a practice of federalism where states are responsible for creating their

State Centered Infrastructure Plan Is Good For Georgia

This week’s Courier Herald column: President Donald Trump is scheduled to release his infrastructure plan in Washington this week. While the exact particulars weren’t available until after deadline, the Associated Press has released enough of an outline that shows what is in the plan, and what isn’t. There’s a very specific theme in the plan

Georgia Passenger Rail A Big And Complex Hurdle

This week’s Courier Herald column: With the legislative focus on transit solutions for the metro Atlanta area, the topic of intercity rail throughout the state is also receiving renewed discussion. It seems logical, as the discussion presenting the real potential of extending passenger rail beyond Atlanta’s inner core could lead to a network connecting Georgia’s