Cobb Says Tax Us For Transit

The Marietta Daily Journal reports that 59% of Cobb County residents (Cobblers? Cobbers?) want a sales tax of up to one percent to fund transit with 39% opposed. 

In the understated words of Chairman Mike Boyce: “It certainly gives this credibility now that there is support for transit in Cobb County.”

From the article: 

The survey also found a majority of respondents — 51 percent — have a favorable view of MARTA compared to 17 percent who do not.

And when asked, 48 percent said they preferred the idea Cobb joining MARTA if it expanded its bus service compared to 24 percent who would rather see the county expand its existing transit system, a change of pace for a county that rejected bringing bus and rail from Atlanta.

Additionally, 61 percent of those surveyed said Cobb should spend more than it does now on transit, 26 percent said spending should remain the same and 8 percent said spending on transit should be reduced.


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