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Helping Our Neighbors In Plains

This week’s Courier Herald column: A couple of weeks ago I wrote a column suggesting that the best way we could deal with the great problems and challenges we’re facing was to adopt the 11th commandment and love thy neighbor.  It was quite figurative, complete with references to the parable of The Good Samaritan and

Post-Election Day Roundup

A few thoughts that stand out from yesterday’s election: How swift and broad Gwinnett’s seachange is continues to astound me. By now I’m sure everyone’s seen that there were some 30,000 more votes cast in the Democratic Presidential Primary than Republican. And Georgia’s longest-serving school board member is likely going to lose her reelection bid.

Remembering Anne Lewis

This week’s Courier Herald column: Anne Ware Lewis passed away last week at the too-young age of 56.  Most readers of this column likely have never heard Anne’s name, but she was an insider’s insider of Georgia Republican politics.  Anne was an attorney, but not just any attorney.  She represented the Georgia Republican Party and

Former Congressman Mac Collins Has Died

Word is going around this afternoon that former Congressman Mac Collins has died. He served in Congress from 1993-2005, arriving in DC two years before Newt Gingrich (who had represented much of what became Collins’ district) became Speaker with the Contract With America. Mac was my Congressman when I began to dabble in “organized” politics,