Category: Moments of Personal Privilege

Farewell, Mr. Jenkins

2018 has been a rough year.  I learned this past Thursday that one of my favorite teachers passed away from a quick battle with cancer.  I wasn’t able to attend the memorial service for him in my hometown this weekend, but I will take a moment of personal privilege to remember a teacher who had

Thank You, Governor Deal

Dear Governor Deal: I don’t believe there’s an elected official in Georgia that has a more direct impact on my life than you.  In fact, I probably wouldn’t be sitting in Braselton, GA right now writing this had you not become Georgia’s governor.  That statement isn’t a political fan boy moment…it’s fact.  Both your candidacy

Has Any Georgia Race Earned this Much Presidential Attention?

Listening to WABE this morning they mentioned three Presidents and a Vice President have all weighed in on the 2018 gubernatorial election in Georgia. (Donald Trump and Mike Pence for Brian Kemp and Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama for Stacey Abrams who also was endorsed by Hillary Clinton). Which got me to thinking: has there

Happy Birthday Ginny!

It’s Ginny’s birthday. It’s also Obi’s Sister’s birthday. When we changed names from the old site, so did she. She’s still the same person that I once bonded with over a love for southern diners (we miss Carver’s) and occasional political talk. She’s a great wife to a pastor that doesn’t often get to express