Category: Moments of Personal Privilege

Jimmy Carter Rock & Roll President

When we think of the greatest POTUS from Georgia we probably picture more of a Principal Chalmers-esque character than a Gene Simmons-esque one. However, as you’ll see in this exclusive preview of “Jimmy Carter Rock & Roll President”, the man’s got rhythm in his heart. The “rockumentary” will kickoff the Tribeca Film Festival on April

America, The Beautiful

This week’s Courier Herald column: I spent the last few weeks checking off a bucket list item.  There’s just too much of this country I had not yet seen, and by playing aggressive defense on my calendar I was able to piece together the time for an extended road trip.  22 states and 8,027 rental

Farewell, Mr. Jenkins

2018 has been a rough year.  I learned this past Thursday that one of my favorite teachers passed away from a quick battle with cancer.  I wasn’t able to attend the memorial service for him in my hometown this weekend, but I will take a moment of personal privilege to remember a teacher who had

Thank You, Governor Deal

Dear Governor Deal: I don’t believe there’s an elected official in Georgia that has a more direct impact on my life than you.  In fact, I probably wouldn’t be sitting in Braselton, GA right now writing this had you not become Georgia’s governor.  That statement isn’t a political fan boy moment…it’s fact.  Both your candidacy