Lawton Sack Named Publisher, Editor In Chief

Today, in a long overdue move, I’m naming Lawton Sack Editor In Chief of It’s my last act as the Publisher/owner of the website. I’ll also be turning over the ownership and role of Publisher to him as well this week.

The headline on this could be “Harper Sacks Himself” but I didn’t want this to be cute, nor to put the emphasis on me. I’ve made no secret of my desire to move on from the day to day operations, and as long time readers know, I began doing so back in 2017. Naming new leadership allows a new beginning for GeorgiaPol.

Lawton has been part of a team that has held things together around here, and now has both the time and energy to reinvigorate the website with fresh content and contributors. In short, he’s earned this opportunity, and I’m quite happy he’s willing to take it.

He’s a former GOP District Chairman and State Committee Member, and has been a long time participant in Georgia politics. He’s also someone I would consider an “honest broker” when it comes to these matters, both within the party and his community. That will help him in his role as our information traffic cop.

In our discussions, Lawton has said from the beginning he wants GeorgiaPol to remain a market of diverse ideas, ranging across Georgia’s wide political spectrum and well beyond his personal views or those of his party. I’ll let him fill any other details of his future plans.

As for me, my column will continue to be posted here, but as you’ve likely noticed, my “political” content will be minimized. My primary focus continues to be on matters of policy rather than electoral politics.

I want to thank our contributors here for continuing to volunteer their time to provide news on the myriad issues that affect our state and local communities. I’d like to thank those who have read my work here and in other places for about 13 years now.

I hope each of you will continue to support Lawton as he tackles this new challenge, and will allow him to be him in his way as we move forward. It’s an opportunity he’s earned. I’m looking forward to seeing the results.



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