Gov. Kemp Is Failing Georgia

During his “Wear a Mask” tour, Governor Kemp made it abundantly clear he lacks the desire to actually combat the spread of coronavirus.

Side note: yesterday was yet another record-breaking day forCovid-19 in Georgia with 2,464 new cases . Our previous record was Monday with 2,016 cases. That broke the record set six days before.

Ignoring the data that shows masks have as much as 75% percent efficacy preventing the spread of Covid-19, Governor Kemp relied on good ole hopes and prayers.

“We shouldn’t need a mask mandate for people to do the right thing.” That tacitly contradicts the need for a “Wear a Mask” tour but no one asked me. And we have plenty of evidence that, yes, people very often need a mandate to do the right thing.

Kemp added: “There’s a lot of people that don’t believe a mask mandate would work.”

Of those people, none are experts and the rest are leaders of a state that by no metric has the coronavirus outbreak under control. Either way, the job of a governor and a leader is to make the hard decisions that people don’t like. Is it uncomfy to wear a mask? Sure, but it must be done. Or we need to just content ourselves that 3,000 Georgians are going to die because of Covid-19 before the summer’s end.

If that doesn’t sound like terribly high number just consider that that’s how many road fatalities there were in Georgia in 2019 and 2018 combined. And consider how much effort we accept to reduced those numbers. Then consider how much more expensive they are for the state and more onerous for citizens than mandating mask usage (and they are arguably less efficacious).

There’s no other way to say it: we really ought to be ashamed of ourselves.

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