Atlanta Joins Guaranteed Income Pilot Program

Keisha Lance Bottoms was one of 11 mayors to sign a letter announcing the start of the Mayors for Guaranteed Income.

Stockton, California mayor Michael D. Tubbs founded the coalition that launched on Monday.

Announcing the group’s start. Mayor Tubbs grounded their work in the legacy of MLK and the civil unrest. But, what he did not clarify, is what the cities would do other than to say: “This coalition will invest in additional guaranteed-income pilots and advocate for state and federal cash-based policies.”

Of course that’s not nothing but also allows for the mayors to do nothing.

By this point you’re probably asking what is the difference between Universal Basic Income and Guaranteed Income. UBI is given to all citizens and Guaranteed Income is more supplemental and is supplemental. Guaranteed Income is also similar to the Bolsa Familia program in Brazil that led to decent success in urban areas and overall led to halving Brazil’s poverty rate.

Again, all we currently have from these mayors is a pretty letter and simple website. There is reason to believe, however, that a concentrated Guaranteed Income program could work.

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