Georgia Has The 12th-Worst Covid Outbreak. Globally.

Very rarely can Georgia, unquestionably the greatest state in the U.S., claim to be a legitimate world leader when compared to countries. Now we can.

The New York Times crunched the numbers of the most confirmed new cases over the past week, adjusted for population size, and treats each U.S. state as if it were a country. My god is it embarrassing.

I suppose the good news is we are well behind Arizona, Florida, South Carolina, Bahrain and Louisiana, numbers one through five.

But our 1.6K per million puts us just above noted public health stalwarts Panama and Kazakhstan. Both their GDPs combined are less than half of Georgia’s. Qatar and Oman are the only other countries doing worse than we are.

Sidenote, yesterday was Georgia’s second-highest day of confirmed new cases with 2,831–just 55 short of the record.

Without Governor Kemp’s hard work we would never have been able to reach such heights so kudos to him.

Even though we’re almost assuredly not going to have a full football season this fall, just wear a damn mask OVER YOUR MOUTH AND NOSE, stay six feet apart and don’t go out.

If you’re not selfish and idiotic this isn’t challenging.

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