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Woodall a Toss Up, McBath Leans Democratic

The best part about 2019 being 17 days old is we can start looking ahead to 2020 already. Larry Sabato released his first “Crystal Ball” predictions for next year’s election Thursday morning. The prognosticator finds only two competitive Georgia Races: Rob Woodall in the 7th as a toss up and Lucy McBath in the sixth

Isakson Proposes Legislation to Expand Ft. Frederica, Kennesaw Mt. and Ocmulgee Mounds Parks

Apparently, Thursday was “Expand Georgia’s National Parks Day” in Senator Isakson’s office. He reintroduced legislation to protect and expand the parks of Fort Frederica, Kennesaw Mountain and the Ocmulgee Mounds. The legislative effort included Senator David Perdue and a bi-partisan coterie of Georgia’s congressional delegation introducing the same legislation in the House of Representatives. The Fort

Stacey Abrams: I Spent $24.7 Million Running for Governor and All I Got Was this Advocacy Group

Imagine, dear readers, all the good $100,000,000 could do for the state of Georgia. Perhaps funding the $123 million in unmet needs for Georgia’s parks. Or maybe buying up-to-date textbooks for our students. Or anything better than buying off candidates for office. Well more than $100,000,000 was spent on last year’s elections. Some lowlights from

Morning Reads for October 17

A word of warning to any Horsefaces out there….I’m coming for you! I remember when Republicans cared about deficits.  Hartsfield’s best police beagle finds the motherlode! (A roasted pig).  Medicaid expansion and the fate of Obamacare in our gubernatorial race.  Apparently Jimmy Carter’s 1976 Florida POTUS primary win was worthy of a book.  Terri Lee

Hacker Selling Reported GA Voter List for $250

Does anyone else think whoever is selling the purported list of Georgia’s voters is setting the price too low? If so, you can scoop up that bargain (and 18 other states’ rolls) according to a report in ZDNet. The technology news website didn’t list the “popular hacking forum” where the information is being sold, but according

Morning Reads for October 10

GSU professor earns Guggenheim Fellowship.  GA’s motor-voter drive boosts eligible balloters who lean Democratic At  80, fmr. Sen. Sam Nunn continues to meet in the middle.  Cong. Bishop: Moving agricultural programs would not benefit SW GA.  Sonny: Farmer aid could be less than first estimated.  Fmr. Sec. of State Condoleezza Rice will give Tech’s fall