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Scooter Ban Misses Opportunity for Actual Improvement

Let me start by pointing out that quick decisions after an emotional rarely, if ever, lead to good outcomes. And let’s be honest, a non-insubstantial amount of my our scooter outrage is good-ole-fashioned crotchetiness. Weird how this one particular comment just automatically came hyperlinked in my post. We should take this time to think more

Georgia Democrats Think House Majority Within Reach. The Senate….

About an hour ago, Fair Fight, Stacey Abrams’ post-campaign organization announced it was forming a dedicated legislative victory fund with the Democratic Party of Georgia. That’s the big-picture news. The real news is Georgia Democrats are optimistic about their chances to retake the House of Representatives. Twice the statement mentioned “an effort to capture the

Trump Trailing in Georgia 2020 Poll, State Rated Toss Up

Democrats: should you wish to win Georgia in 2020, simply nominate Generic Democrat. S/he is leading Trump 50-46 and 49 percent of Georgia Peaches disapprove of President Trump’s performance in the latest poll from Public Policy Polling. What doesn’t augur well for Republicans is the possible future of Georgia’s electorate. (Although, as I point out

Democratic Senate Leader Retiring

Steve Henson will not seek reelection to the legislature next year. As Jim Galloway noted, his retirement means the Senate Democrats could be without a white male in 2020. So why the retirement? Henson says he’s old, needs to focus on “real” work and wants all his focus to be on expanding the caucus not

Ted Terry Joins Dem Perdue Primary Party

So I guess it’s going to be a bunch of Democratic mayors running to challenge Senator Perdue in 2020. Clarkston Mayor Ted Terry announced he’s running to challenge Perdue. Meanwhile Perdue has $2 million for next year’s race and former Columbus mayor Teresa Tomlinson, the other declared Democratic hopeful, raised $500,000.


From the AJC For the past 10 months, electric scooter riders have been allowed to flout the city of Atlanta’s code by riding on sidewalks and in other areas designated for pedestrians. But that leniency ended this week. Atlanta Police officers have begun warning people who use scooters to get around town that they risk being fined