Loeffler Supports Unconstitutional Measure

Senator Kelly Loeffler wants “left-wing activists” to be deemed domestic terrorists. By whom? Well–that’s a good question. Any such move is likely unconstitutional to boot.

Loeffler cosponsored S.Res.279, ostensibly targeting Antifa which is fine in theory but it’s not an organization. Even if you support Congress wanting to restrict citizens’ rights to free assembly, the resolution freely interchanges “Antifa” with “left-wing activists.”

Granted this is merely a resolution and part of a desperate pitch to win a primary so it’s not truly meaningful. But it should be reprehensible that “left-wing activists” are now part of Loeffler’s imprecise legislative agenda.

Considering there is “no legal authority for designating a domestic group” as a terrorist group, you’d think the resolution would also want to outline some legal framework for doing so. That would be an example of a coherent legislator.


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