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Bill Seeks to Protect Religious Views, Voluntary Prayer in Public Schools

A bill filed in the Georgia legislature seeks to prohibit discrimination of public school students and teachers on the basis of religious viewpoints or expression. House Bill 53 filed by State Representative Casey Karpenter, a Dalton Republican, would impose restrictions on local school systems in terms of how students are treated when expression religious viewpoints

Georgia House Overwhelmingly Votes To Name New Judicial Complex After Governor Nathan Deal

Earlier today, the Georgia House of Representatives voted overwhelmingly to name the new state judicial complex being built after former Governor Nathan Deal. Only two state representatives voted against House Resolution 1: Rep. Matt Gurtler (R-Tiger) and freshman Rep. Colton Moore (R-Trenton). First legislation passed in the Georgia House this session names the new judicial

Rep. Carolyn Hugley to Chair Voting Rights Caucus

On Monday, a group of Democrats formed the Voting Rights Caucus and elected the nascent group’s leadership. The press release announcing the caucus came from Fair Fight Action–the continuation of Stacey Abrams unsuccessful bid for governor. Fair Fight Action focuses on…well, voting rights. “This past election cycle showed us that the rights of our voters

Why the State Can’t Just Takeover the Hartsfield-Jackson Airport

In December, the Senate Study Committee released its findings regarding a potential takeover of the Hartsfield-Jackson Airport. The Senators supported a state takeover, citing management structural issues with a city managed airport, a federal bribery scandal engulfing Atlanta and a Federal Aviation Authority probe into Atlanta’s misuse of airport funds. Now, those Senators are gearing

Democrats want electric scooters to be licensed under motor vehicle law

Three Georgia Democrats have filed legislation to regulate personal assistive mobility devices under the Georgia Motor Vehicle code. Democrat Senators Donzella James, Michael Rhett, and Harold Jones filed Senate Bill 24 on the devices last week. Electric personal assistive mobility devices are power-assisted devices for mobility such as wheelchairs, scooters, and more recent innovations such as