State Rep. David Clark Announces Run for House Speaker If Re-elected

State Representative David Clark (R-Buford) made an announcement on Facebook this afternoon stating that he would challenge incumbent Speaker David Ralston (R-Blue Ridge) should he win re-election on November 3rd. You can read the announcement in its entirety:

Representative Clark points to his resolution to remove Speaker Ralston from the chair during the 2019 legislative session when news hit that the Speaker was abiding by state law when he postponed cases due to legislative activities. Clark, however, is silent in his announcement on sponsoring a bill to actually change or repeal the law that allow attorney-legislators to postpone cases due to legislative activities.

It’s an interesting announcement to make almost a week before the General Election–especially in a county that is likely to break to the Democrats this year. Before Clark can set his sights on the Chair, he’ll have to make sure he can retain his seat in the General Assembly first.


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