Governor Kemp To Call Special Legislative Session

Governor Kemp today vetoed four bills, and offered statements regarding those. At the bottom of the press release, there is a note on a bill he signed, HB 105. It’s important.

In the coming weeks, I will issue a proclamation calling for a special session of the General Assembly to pass the Hurricane Michael tax exemption and other relevant portions of House Bill 105 again to ensure our farm families are protected. Such special session may also be timely to address other budgetary and oversight issues.

HB 105’s amended version had an incorrect tracking number assigned to it when it was considered for the final vote. The Governor, per the release, wants to ensure that the final vote to passage would withstand potential legal challenges.

Special sessions are limited to considering issues within the call by the Governor. Note that the Governor’s release opens the possibility to be beyond HB 105 – a bill that is now already law – and could be expanded to “other budgetary and oversight issues”. That’s pretty broad turf that is available to tinker with while legislators are convened to perfect a bill that is already law.

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