Donald Trump Stumps For Stacey Abrams, GAGOP Apparently Unfazed

I was enjoying time away in Louisville, KY while former President Donald Trump made a stop in Perry, GA on his sour grapes tour. President Trump continued his feud with our elected Republican officials who have chosen to follow the law rather than the demands of the Cult of Trump.

His displeasure with Governor Brian Kemp, who he endorsed during the 2018 Republican gubernatorial primary, has progressed to the point to outright stumping for Democrat Stacey Abrams to move into the governor’s mansion. From the AJC:

And then he adds a dig about Gov. Brian Kemp: “Of course, having her, I think, might be better than having your existing governor. It might very well be better.”

“Stacey, would you like to take his place? It’s OK with me,” Trump says.

In response, a man in the crowd yells “We don’t want her!”

You would think that such a rant against the incumbent Republican governor in Georgia would elicit a response from the Georgia Republican Party. As far as I can tell, nothing has been posted to Twitter by the GAGOP or Chairman David Shafer to rebut the former President’s comment or express a desire for unity between camps. I also haven’t seen any press releases from the GAGOP or the RNC regarding these comments. Chairman Shafer did express gratitude for being able to speak at Donald Trump’s rally (and then retweeted by the GAGOP).

At least the man in the crowd was willing to rebut the former President.

The Georgia Republican Party is the Party of Trump. I believe the deafening silence from the GAGOP is awfully telling of what the leadership wants: don’t upset Dear Leader and don’t defend our elected Republican officials who have chosen to disappoint Dear Leader.

I can sit here and express my disappointment with the current leadership of the Georgia Republican Party, but the people who showed up earlier this year during the convention cycle obviously love it. I’m apparently in a minority who believes the only person responsible for Donald Trump’s loss is Donald Trump. The continual handwringing over the false narrative that the election was “stolen” is not a path to victory in 2022, but Republican officials and candidates jockeying for a favorable position will gladly indulge Dear Leader.

Democrats are very motivated to increase their gains from the 2020 election, and the indulgences that the Georgia Republican Party is paying to Dear Leader is going to contribute to that.

Cult! Cult! Cult!


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