David Perdue’s Ego Looks Backwards While Georgia Moves Forward

Former Senator David Perdue apparently talked himself into challenging Governor Brian Kemp in next year’s Republican gubernatorial primary. He quickly earned former President Donald Trump’s enthusiastic support and another interesting lap dog: former Ambassador Randy Evans.

Ambassador Evans quickly took to social media bemoaning the harsh critique of Senator Perdue’s ego trip by Governor Kemp quickly invoking the Ghost of Reagan and his 11th commandment.

The irony is that what came from the Kemp camp was tame compared to what Ambassador Evans’ former boss (Donald Trump) has said about his fellow Republicans. Evans has a vested interest in keeping his former boss happy. His son, Jake, is running for the 6th Congressional District in the Republican primary. This is very likely a maneuver to appease Donald Trump in order to secure an endorsement from the 45th President for his son whose most notable claim to fame is “Being Randy Evans’ Son”.

Senator Perdue’s candidacy for governor against a popular incumbent is driven by ego. Well, perhaps two egos: his and Donald Trump’s.

Donald Trump has refused to admit that he lost the election–that he lost Georgia. His continued hissy fits and outright disdain for Republican leaders in Georgia, who follow the law rather than fueling a man’s ego, caused David Perdue to lose his run-off with current Senator Jon Ossoff this past January. Apparently he didn’t learn his lesson.

David Perdue, his ego, and his Trump allies will look backwards at an election lost. Brian Kemp, however, continues to lead Georgia forward. My question is will the Georgia Republican Party continue to sit silent as a former Democrat in Florida rails against the incumbent Republican governor? Probably.

The only winners that emerge from this now public civil war in the Georgia Republican Party are Democrats. When Stacey Abrams and Raphael Warnock win in November 2022, look back to what happened this week where the want of feeding egos of those who refuse to accept reality trumped uniting the party.

In short, the Republican motto right now is “play stupid games, win stupid prizes”.


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