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Kudzu Vine Review: 1/10/2021

Tonight on the show Catherine, Tim and David started off we a discussion of the disturbing events of Wednesday afternoon and where the future of our democracy goes from here. From there we welcomed our guest Niles Francis to the show. We discussed both national & Georgia political issues as well as the outlook for

Morning Reads for Friday, January 8, 2021

Former Senator Saxby Chambliss recovering from minor stroke. Golden Ray removal continues. Atlanta mayor Lance-Bottoms ethics investigation results in fine.  2020 certainly didn’t seem faster than other years. Honestly, we couldn’t make this up if we tried.  Nurses in short supply – sooner than you think. SMH. Twitter proves Mr. Bean correct. New robot closer

No Cheating Occurred in Georgia!

I’m so disappointed at what happened in Washington D.C. yesterday.  Frustrated that part of it was due to the belief that cheating occurred during Georgia’s elections.  Anyone who believes cheating occurred …. you are the problem and fuel that led to yesterday’s fire. For years we have been telling you Trump is bad for America

SOS Raffensperger: Elections Running Smoothly

From the office of Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger: The Senate runoff election in Georgia is running smoothly throughout the state with no reports of long lines. Wait times average just 1 minute at polling locations throughout the Peach State. “After wait times averaging just 2 minutes on November 3rd, Georgia’s election administration is hitting

Morning Reads for Tuesday, January 5

It’s runoff day! Finally! We made it! If you are reading this site and haven’t voted yet, or aren’t sure where to vote, first please leave a note in the comments to let us know how you found this little corner of the #gapol-iverse. Then, get yourself to the My Voter Page so you can

Kudzu Vine 1/3/2021 Review

Each week Kudzu Vine will be providing a review of their radio show. The following is the first installment. On the first Kudzu Vine of the year, our special guest was Chuck Rocha.  Chuck joined us to discuss political messaging to Latino voters, Texas politics, and his thoughts on the Georgia Senate runoffs.  He also previewed