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Morning Reads for Monday, February 11, 2019

It’s Week 5 of the Legislative Session, but I swear we’ve been here longer. Just me? Ok. Things you might have missed while you were living real life: Georgia House Democrats Mary Margaret Oliver, Shelly Hutcheson, Teri Anulewicz, Sandra Scott, and Derrick Jackson co-sponsored legislation that would remove protections for Confederate monuments on public property

One Bill on Senate Floor on Friday, February 8

The Senate will consider tomorrow the Senate Committee on Transportation’s substitute for SR 19 that would create the Georgia Commission on Freight, Innovation, and Logistics. The commission would “study and assess the needs for and means of providing for a system of freight, innovation, and logistics investments projects and priorities both within and outside the

AJC: Rep. Woodall Not Seeking Re-Election

The AJC is reporting that Rep. Woodall (R, GA-7) will not be seeking re-election for a sixth term in 2020 due to political and personal issues, including the loss of his father. Larry Sabato had listed GA-7 as a toss-up race, and the 2018 race came down to less than 500 votes. The Democratic Party

Morning Reads – Thursday, February 7, 2019

Peaches Senate buzz for Abrams grows Murderville, GA Senator drops Cagle’s Law, says it’s not Cagle’s Law. Georgia Tech and Malaysia police join FBI to take down hackers Offshore drilling in the Georgia legislature Jimmy Carter Who’s afraid of socialism? Some Democrats Actually Liked What They Heard From Trump 1,809 illegal crossing attempts a day Democrats

Two Additional Statements from GA Delegation on State of the Union Address, Including a Democrat

Sandford Bishop (D, GA-2):  “The President spoke of bipartisanship, and I hope this sentiment is sincere. However, he must abandon his divisive rhetoric, and put action behind his words. In the next week, we must avoid another disastrous shutdown and keep the government open. I urge the President to support the efforts of the bipartisan, bicameral conference committee