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Morning Reads for Friday, April 29, 2022

Yes. Everyone hated it. Faster, please. Mo’ and betta. Privacy is the best. So this happened this week. I should have bought popcorn futures! Possibly. But would you invite them for tea? SMOD. So close, but yet, so far away. Ronald Reagan was right. (This post bears reading at least once a week.) The Ministry

Morning Reads for Tuesday, April 26

Good morning! I hope yours is wonderful. The Georgia legislature is set to have massive turnover: 50 of races for the General Assembly’s 236 seats don’t have an incumbent on the ballot (and it’s not impossible that an incumbent or three will lose their primaries). This means that the House and Senate are in store

Morning Reads for Friday, April 22, 2022

300K is a pretty big number. Move along. Nothing to see here. Check out the Lyrid meteor shower the next few days. That was quick. Trudeau’s very bad idea. An army of Sergeant Shultzs. Did he just pop out of a cake or something? Biggest.Earthquake.Evah. RIP Robert Blake.

Make Debates(and debating) Great Again!

When it comes to party primary debates in Georgia, the series of debates (HD 1, 2 & SD 53) hosted by the Walker and Catoosa Republican Parties this past Saturday could have been worse. None of the debates descended into threatened armed conflict, as happened in 1856 when Alexander Stephens challenged Ben Hill to a

Morning Reads for Friday, April 15, 2022

“It doesn’t matter what team I lead, this is the kind of person I want on it!” (There’s a Lithia Springs connection here.) Nope. Nope. Nope. I mean, who wouldn’t do the same? Watch the Lyrid meteor shower the next few days. Why are journalists addicted to scandal? Watergate created that addiction. You keep using

Self-declared Anti-corruption Lawmaker Hit With Ethics Complaint

State Representative David Clark, R-Buford, who recently qualified for re-election after announcing last summer that he would not seek re-election but keep “holding the powerful accountable and continuing to call out corruption” was hit with an ethics complaint from a constituent last week. The complaint states, “David Clark has made over $5000 in reimbursements to

Sen. Tyler Harper Op-Ed: The Rising Price of Fertilizer—And Its Impact on Georgia’s Farmers and Consumers

The following is an op-ed submitted by State Senator Tyler Harper, Republican Nominee for Commissioner of Agriculture: Across the country, American families are feeling the pain as prices on fuel, groceries, and virtually every product continue to climb to record highs. In Georgia, our consumers are facing particularly devastating prices. Last week, the average price

Morning Reads for Friday, April 8, 2022

Some welcome redecorating. There’s some golfy-type thing going on in Georgia. New express lanes bring tolls back to GA 400. Pray for South Georgia. All of Georgia, really. Make it stop. Malware/botnet disabled worldwide before any trouble started. (Am I the only one disturbed with the GRU reference? Another Disney slip?) Does anyone want to