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Morning Reads for Friday, May 28, 2021

Local celebrity gives back to the community. The jokes…they write themselves. Haters gonna hate. Yeah. Cooties. That’s it. Still not a fan of Twitter. But true. Very true. (Language alert.) This new hijacking technique should scare the pants off of everyone. HIPPA officer to the white courtesy phone. HIPPA officer, HIPPA officer, white courtesy phone,

Morning Reads for Tuesday, May 25

Good morning! Today is an auspicious day: it is my 19th wedding anniversary, it is my parents’ 47th wedding anniversary. I hope this is a good day for you, too. The 2021 hurricane season is expected to be a doozy; accordingly, President Biden has already allocated $1 billion in disaster relief funds. There are myriad

Morning Reads for Friday, May 21, 2021

In a town with the reputation of tearing down everything in sight, this is encouraging. State rep charged with election violations.  Stay tuned. Georgia Senator vs. Camden SpacePort. Well, duh.  Physical activity helps everyone, period. Didn’t they know not to mess with Little Old Church Ladies From Pasadena? Oregon counties vote to move to Idaho.

Morning Reads for Tuesday, May 18

Good morning! It’s a great day in Georgia. Dr. Fauci spoke to Emory grads this weekend and his remarks included discussion about how the COVID-19 pandemic revealed the results of generations of systemic racism in the healthcare system. The latest in the awful saga of the Golden Ray: fire and (more) pollution. Representative Barry Fleming was

District Deviations: Change Is Coming

Get ready to learn new district lines for the State Senate and House later this year. The apportionment data release last month provided the 2020 state population. This allowed me to calculate the new ideal population for each congressional district and each state legislative district. The new ideal population per district for the Georgia State

Morning Reads for Monday, May 17, 2021

Happy Monday! Georgia gas situation largely remaining flat despite normal operations resuming on pipeline Georgia State study finds Atlanta students lost months of progress in pandemic Georgia Museum of Art honored for pandemic programs Georgia universities advised to drop mask mandates, social distancing Taking a closer look at the citizens arrest repeal in Georgia Heiress

Morning Reads for Friday, May 14, 2021

Thank you to the many who sent prayers and happy thoughts my way during my extended absence. The Friday weirdness is returning on a regular basis. And it may get even weirder. This new place looks like a load of fun! CDC changes its mind again. Check back often, to see which direction they pivot

Morning Reads for Tuesday, May 11

Good morning! Don’t panic! Kemp’s signing the repeal of Georgia’s citizen’s arrest law yesterday is a “birthday gift to Ahmad Arbery.” Most of the Georgia mass vaccination sites are set to wind down — but not until after you’ve hopefully had the chance to get your kids age 12+ vaccinated! Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor