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President Trump Qualifies for the 2020 GOP Ballot

The GAGOP announced today that President Donald Trump was the only candidate who qualified to appear on the party’s 2020 presidential primary ballot. Republican Chairman David Shafer explained the party’s two-part qualification process: a significant level of support among Republican voters in Georgia and an “unambiguous” pledge to support the eventual Republican nominee in the

The Politics of Freezing To Death

Atlanta released a report that appears to show a major increase in hypothermia deaths over the last year. Everyone has an opinion about what is happening here. Some of those opinions are even informed. The short answer is that I think the report may simply be wrong. It’s also entirely possible that I am wrong.

Georgia Young Republicans Show Support for Gov. Kemp’s Forthcoming Senate Pick

The Board of Directors of the Georgia Young Republicans have unanimously approved a resolution “in support of Governor Brian Kemp and his appointment to fill the vacant U.S. Senate seat following the retirement of Senator Johnny Isakson on January 1st.” GYR State Chairman Colt Chambers: “The Georgia Young Republicans stand squarely behind Governor Kemp and

Stacey Abrams: The Producer

Former gubernatorial candidate turned voting rights activist Stacey Abrams has expanded her work into the entertainment industry. An adaptation of a novel penned by Abrams is being outfitted for a television show and, according to The Hollywood Reporter, Abrams will be an executive producer.  The novel “Never Tell,” which was published in 2004, will reportedly

Atlanta Repeats As Most Unequal City

The raw data is pretty bleak on its own and a widely unequal city is bad. However, Atlanta’s ranking might be a sign of success or the victim of factors beyond our control. Atlanta’s average income for the top 5% of households exceeded $663,000 while families in the bottom half of the population earned less