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Mike Collins Releases First GA-10 Ad

Approximately a year out from the Republican primary in GA-10, Mike Collins has released his first video ad entitled “Let’s Roll.” The ad is basically about Collins going to Washington to further the “Trump Agenda.” There is also a call at the end for former President Donald Trump to run again in 2024. A press

Morning Reads for Friday, June 11, 2021

How an elephant eats a tortilla chip. Yes, indeed Fulton County. Remember when Facebook was a happy place? “To avoid attention.” Right Lying is exhausting. Even when it is considered part of your national identity. Wedding uptick expected as virus panic winds down. And there was great rejoicing. At least someone wants to believe. Yale

Midday Reads for Tuesday, June 8

Hello! I was on vacation last week and let me tell you, these vaccines are a miracle. Hot Vax Summer, indeed. Billboard drama in Valdosta! I must admit: when I read that the group suing the billboard company is called “Georgians for the Impeachment of Brian Kemp,” I 100% assumed it was a GOP/kraken-type group

Mike Collins Running in GA-10

Mike Collins, who placed second to Rep. Jody Hice in the 2014 GOP primary runoff in GA-10, is running again for the same seat. Rep. Hice has announced that he is seeking the position of Secretary of State in Georgia. From a press release: Mike Collins (R-GA), conservative outsider and small businessman, today announced his

Eight Resolutions to be Considered at GAGOP Convention

The Georgia Republican Party will consider eight resolutions at its Convention tomorrow, Saturday, June 5, when it convenes at 10:00 a.m. at Jekyll Island. 1. A resolution calling for stronger enforcement of immigration laws 2. A resolution urging the Georgia general assembly to rescind delta’s jet fuel tax credit 3. A resolution to safeguard students

Sen. Bruce Thompson Announces for Labor Commissioner

Sen. Bruce Thompson has announced his candidacy to challenge Mark Butler as Labor Commissioner in Georgia. Sen. Thompson has come out swinging, stating: “The Department of Labor has been completely mismanaged and has failed the citizens of Georgia. It’s time for fresh ideas, new leadership, and a solution-oriented approach to cut through the bureaucratic red

Gary Black Announces Launch of US Senate Campaign

From a press release: Gary Black, GA’s Agriculture Commissioner who received more votes than any candidate for U.S. Senate or Governor in 2018 and 2014, today launched his campaign for the U.S. Senate seat currently held by Raphael Warnock. “Warnock and Biden promised to ‘fundamentally change America,’” Black said. “They’re five months into it and

Morning Reads for Friday, June 4, 2021

Hide the silverware. (Here’s to hoping good things.) Not soon enough for some folks. Really, this is about important stuff. Like ice cream. Be sure to check/update your default settings if you have Amazon devices. Victor Davis Hanson, American treasure, always make you think. Are we finally reaching the point of not enough cases to

Morning Reads for Friday, May 28, 2021

Local celebrity gives back to the community. The jokes…they write themselves. Haters gonna hate. Yeah. Cooties. That’s it. Still not a fan of Twitter. But true. Very true. (Language alert.) This new hijacking technique should scare the pants off of everyone. HIPPA officer to the white courtesy phone. HIPPA officer, HIPPA officer, white courtesy phone,