Draft Colton Moore For Congress!

I don’t know about you, but I can’t think of anything else that would draw everyone, from teenagers to geriatrics, to watch hours of CSPAN three days in a row. Americans are engaged. And a few Republicans are giving them what they want and need. Congress has had an approval rating in the teens for decades. It’s long past time to stop with politics as usual in DC. Texas Republican Chip Roy and his band of rebels may not prevent Kevin McCarthy from becoming House speaker, but at a minimum, this will check his power considerably. In the interim, sit back and enjoy the circus. Heck, take a page from the drunkards…I mean, Democrats in the house and pour yourself a drink.

There’s a bigger problem for some Georgians to worry about. And a good many citizens in the 14th district are apoplectic right now. Their congresswoman is supporting a Republican for speaker, Kevin McCarthy, who 

  • votes with the Democrats 46 percent of the time
  • thought Trump was on Putin’s payroll in 2016  
  • is endorsed for Speaker by all of the Big Tech leaders despite the fact that most of their political contributions were to Democrats and far-left groups and in spite of the ongoing Twitter file releases that have revealed staggering FBI and intelligence ties to big tech. 
  • has a laundry list of valid complaints like these against him

As one of the most conservative districts in the country, it’s hardly surprising that 14th district citizens aren’t wild about putting McCarthy in as speaker. Yet, Marjorie Taylor Greene is one of McCarthy’s loudest and fiercest supporters. If the term RINO applies to anyone, it is indeed him.

Congresswoman Greene’s decision is nothing short of a betrayal of everything she ran on in 2020 and 2022. It’s a slap in the face to her constituents from across the political spectrum. As Lou Dobbs noted, she’s proved herself a sellout and nothing more than a hollow performer who stands for nothing. 

Remember that Greene isn’t from the 14th district. The fact that Greene came from a Democratic party stronghold should have raised a red flag. That might have been an indication her conservative convictions weren’t as strong as 14th-district voters might have hoped. In any event, her support for McCarthy proves the matter. 

Conservative constituents in the 14th have one option: get to work to defeat her. It’s clear that McCarthy will support her, as will the special interests campaign cash he assembles. It won’t matter. Citizens across the district have woken up, and they can beat her. The November election results revealed she was far weaker than many people thought. 

In every county across the 14th district, Greene received far fewer votes than Governor Kemp, Lt. Governor-elect Jones, Attorney General Carr, and Secretary of State Raffensperger. Even Herschel Walker bested her vote totals in each county. 

There is no shortage of worthy conservatives who could beat her and better serve the district without betraying their convictions. One of them might be State Senator-elect Colton Moore. It’s safe to say that I am his biggest critic, but my criticisms have pertained to the context of the state legislature. I maintain that Moore will be a poor state legislator and ineffective for the 53rd district. The Georgia General Assembly has long been an assembly that works because legislators build and maintain relationships at the Capitol. Moore doesn’t excel at this, but his extraordinary and natural ability to piss people off as well as generate attention for himself or an issue is tailormade for the United States House of Representatives. He might even be effective. 

So, get started and draft Colton Moore for a congressional run against Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Finally, this was my warning about Greene in 2020. Aged well.

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