Author: Lawton Sack

Sen. Loeffler Pledges Support of Term Limits

Sen. Kelly Loeffler has signed the U.S. Term Limits Pledge in support of term limits for members of Congress. The goal is a constitutional amendment to legally limit U.S. Senators to two terms and members of the House to three terms. In a statement provided by Sen. Loeffler’s office, she is also asking one of

Kevin Tanner Releases New Ad in GA-9

Kevin Tanner, a Republican candidate for Congress from GA-9, has released a new ad entitled “Great Dad” that features one of his daughters, Kaitlyn. In probably one of the most positive campaign ads you will see this election cycle, Kaitlyn jokes about Tanner’s lack of Instagram skills while emphasizing his commitment to his family, his

Unterman Releases TV Ad Attacking McCormick

Renee Unterman has released a campaign TV ad today that will begin running on cable this weekend. The ad attacks Rich McCormick stating that he refused to vote for President Donald Trump in 2016. Unterman: “I’m the only Trump Conservative in this race, and voters deserve to know the truth – Rich McCormick refused to

Sen. Loeffler Responds to Attacks by Rep. Collins

From a press release: Today, the Georgians for Kelly Loeffler campaign responded to recent attacks by Doug Collins about Senator Loeffler’s steadfast work to assist Georgians impacted by the COVID-19 crisis. As outlined in the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Doug Collins and his campaign are attacking Senator Loeffler for launching a new COVID-19 resource website, delivering

Filling the Shoes of Sen. Jack Hill

It has only been a week since Sen. Jack Hill was laid to rest, but the Georgia political wheels have continued to turn in order to fill the big shoes he left behind in Gerogia’s 4th Senatorial District and the State Senate. Sen. Blake Tillery, a Republican from Vidalia, was selected as the successor as