Rep. McBath Shifts From Re-Election Campaign in GA-6 to Competitive Race in GA-7

Rep. Lucy McBath is challenging fellow Democrat Rep. Carolyn Bourdeaux in the new GA-7 instead of running for re-election in GA-6. McBath shared that “it is no mystery why Republicans and the NRA have decided I’m their top target. As a Black woman, activist, and mother on a mission—they would like nothing more than to stop me from speaking truth to power about the gun lobby and Republican Party in Congress. So let me make something very clear: I refuse to stand down.”

Statement from Jake Evans, Republican candidate in GA-6:

“Lucy McBath has provided Biden and Pelosi unquestioning support for an agenda that has led to reckless spending, crippling inflation, a crisis at our border and, soon to come, big tax hikes. It’s a record that won’t fly in the Sixth District, and it’s no wonder she has fled to another district. Our voters are ready for the Great American Comeback with the leadership of a bold and unafraid America First conservative. I will stand up for lower taxes, less spending, strong borders, election integrity, the sanctity of life, and the Second Amendment, and I will fight against vaccine mandates and the indoctrination of our children with CRT. I have been in this race for almost five months to fight for the people, not for political opportunism or special interests.”

From a campaign email from Meagan Hanson, Republican candidate in GA-6:

Just a few hours ago, my opponent, liberal Democrat Lucy McBath, announced that she was WITHDRAWING from the race for Georgia’s 6th Congressional District.

That’s right: Lucy McBath is OUT.

We’ve known it all along – but now it’s abundantly clear: Nancy Pelosi and her Democrat friends in Washington are absolutely terrified to face strong conservative candidates like me.

With Lucy gone, we’re on the cusp of flipping Georgia’s 6th District and taking back Republican control in the U.S. House of Representatives.


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