Morning Reads for Friday, July 3, 2020

This is discouraging.  Savannah requires masks in public places. Callaway Gardens is still planning to have fireworks this weekend.  Do you think hurricanes care about viruses? Lawd.  22 and 26. South Carolina has a great Senator. FSU shows its colors. Walder Frey was unavailable for comment. No. No. No. Good news. Better news. Remembering Carl

Gov. Kemp Is Failing Georgia

During his “Wear a Mask” tour, Governor Kemp made it abundantly clear he lacks the desire to actually combat the spread of coronavirus. Side note: yesterday was yet another record-breaking day forCovid-19 in Georgia with 2,464 new cases . Our previous record was Monday with 2,016 cases. That broke the record set six days before.

Morning Reads for Tuesday, June 30

Good morning! Point of personal privilege: 20 years ago today, my husband and I went on our first date. What does yesterday’s SCOTUS ruling on Louisiana’s abortion law mean for Georgia’s abortion law (which, it is critical to note, has not gone into effect)? Governor Kemp will tour the state to urge Georgians to wear

Atlanta Joins Guaranteed Income Pilot Program

Keisha Lance Bottoms was one of 11 mayors to sign a letter announcing the start of the Mayors for Guaranteed Income. Stockton, California mayor Michael D. Tubbs founded the coalition that launched on Monday. Announcing the group’s start. Mayor Tubbs grounded their work in the legacy of MLK and the civil unrest. But, what he

Biden”Very Seriously” Vetting Bottoms, Abrams “Not A Priority”

In Sunday’s New York Times we moved to a new stage of uncertainty about the Veepstakes, but it appears Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms is in the top tier of hopefuls. The paper said 13 women are being vetted by Joe Biden and he hopes to make a decision by August 1. It appears Mayor Bottoms’