Criminal Justice Reform continues with Redemption Act

9th District Congressman Doug Collins continued his leadership role in federal criminal justice reform with the Prison Reform and Redemption Act. The bill hopes to lower recidivism rates by allowing federal prisoners to serve the final days of their sentence in a halfway house or home confinement to aid in their transition back into their communities. In

Georgia House Dems Elect New Leader

Today, the House Democratic Caucus took a huge step toward becoming a functional organization that can be relied on to champion strong, progressive policies that make life better for Georgians. The elections to replace the outgoing House leadership were held today, and first up was the most important: Minority Leader, abdicated by Stacey Abrams since

Morning Reads for Tuesday, July 25

Good morning! President Trump spoke to the Boy Scouts of America yesterday at their quadrennial Jamboree. It’s easy to find commentary on his remarks (that ran the gamut from yacht orgies to the size of the inauguration crowd to the possibility of firing Tom Price to the “war on Christmas”) so here’s a link to

Tybee Island Doesn’t Want Ethics Complaints about Candidates During Elections

Have you noticed any shady goings-on by a candidate running for office on Tybee Island? City council members demand you keep that to yourself. According to the Savannah Morning News, Tybee’s city council has adopted a moratorium on filing ethics complaints against candidates for the council beginning 90 days before the qualifying period and extending