Morning Reads for Friday, August 27, 2021

Yes, we’re all tired of this crap. Are the angels gonna sing? Oh, the horrors. Anything can be manipulated to say whatever you want it to say. What could go wrong? What else could go wrong now? Australia is off the bucket list for the foreseeable future. So wrong, on so many levels.

Morning Reads – Thursday, August 26, 2021

Peaches The Obamas on display.  “Bourdeaux went up against Pelosi. Was it worth it?”  City of Statesboro wants in family discussions  Suit backed by Georgia lawmaker challenges state’s ballot barcode system Of all the things: Marietta council drops bow and arrow hunting issue Carter changes course and offers endorsement For crying out loud, let these

Herschel Walker is Running for Senate

I guess he’s in, folks. Long-time Texas resident Herschel Walker is banking on his fame from the 1980s to win him a Senate seat in Georgia. Will it work? It’s probably too early to tell. Walker is running as a Republican and, more specifically, as “Trump’s guy,” even though three current Georgia residents have lined

Morning Reads for Tuesday, August 24

Good morning – I hope you will pause when you read this to pay a few moments of respect for State Representative Mickey Stephens, who died on August 14, and who will be laid to rest this week in Savannah. There will be a public memorial service this evening in Savannah at Tiger Arena, and

Practicing Personal Responsibility With Public Health

Scamdemic, Clot Shot, and other general paranoia about COVID-19 and the COVID-19 vaccination has been floating around MAGA social media feeds lately. Left-leaning social media feeds are chiding the MAGA feeds for not believing in science. Though, their seemingly religious-like devotion to science has no room to ask honest questions, like whether or not natural

End the Stigma – Treat Obesity like the Disease it is | A Special to GAPol by Minority Caucus Chairman Billy Mitchell

Millions of Americans suffer from obesity.  They are blamed for their weight; constantly being told they are not making good decisions. From friends and family to their own healthcare providers, they experience discrimination and bias from all sides. Many have searched high and low for affordable options and treatments to help manage what the medical

Morning Reads for Friday, August 20, 2019

Standing in for the incomparable Ginny. Georgia bars local governments from enacting mask, vaccine mandates Georgia jobless rate dips below 4% as payrolls again leap How the Apple lobbying machine took on Georgia Georgia public health agency issues new advice for school quarantines Almost all eligible Georgians are registered to vote, data show Georgia’s Sen.

Morning Reads – Thursday, August 19, 2021

Peaches  Savannah Hospital CEO: Staff feels betrayed by the unvaccinated Georgia Theatre in Athens will require COVID-19 vaccinations for staff, concertgoers Trump team polls Perdue vs. Kemp Georgia showdown “Dead men can’t pass laws”: Capitol rioter charged with threatening Georgia Sen. Raphael Warnock As Vogtle Tab Mounts, Regulators Delay Approval of Spending Commissioners uncertain how