“Pride, Ego, and Bad Advice”

Former gubernatorial candidate Michael Williams, who finished last in the 2018 GOP primary, wrote this morning that he regrets his campaign and that he was guided by “pride, ego, and bad advice.” In May, Williams pled guilty to fraud charges that stemmed from a bizarre campaign theft allegation, and was sentenced to probation. From his

Why We Care About Hair

It may be time for the Dekalb School Board or the Georgia Legislature to tighten the reigns on the freedom of their schools to create rules.  The freedom given to a Dekalb County elementary school,  Narvie J. Harris Theme School, has caused a problem at the start of this school year.   During this year’s

Morning Reads for Tuesday, August 6

Good morning! Most of Georgia’s children are back in school, so please be safe (and patient) when you’re driving your morning and afternoon commutes. Toni Morrison has died. Michael Williams (yes, the guy with the “Deportation Bus” that was best known for breaking down on the side of the highway) apologized for running for Governor,

Rage Against The Machine

I want this to be a mantra for me for most daily annoyances: “I refuse to be constantly outraged.” Now, let me caveat it with that there are some things you should be outraged by…like the tragedies that occurred this weekend. We should mourn the loss of life and the loss of innocence, and we

Mary Norwood Hasn’t Stopped Falling

It was hard not to sympathize with Mary Norwood, once. She’s been making it easier though. Saturday morning, Norwood posted a purported list of Atlanta street gangs, which immediately went viral through her well-networked list of Facebook friends. The list, not to put too fine a point on it, is hilariously wrong. (EDIT: Mary changed

Morning Reads – Friday, August 2, 2019

Eight time NWA Champion Harley Race passed away yesterday at the age of 76. Read the newest “At Issue” newsletter from the Georgia Senate An increasing call for the shut down of Sterigenics in Smyrna until independent testing can happen Fulton Tax Commissioner makes almost $500,000 a year. An upcoming FEC ruling on Former Rep.

Morning Reads – Thursday, August 1, 2019

Good morning & happy Thursday!Did you know…that today is the 229th anniversary of the completion of the first US Census, which included 17 states and counted just over 3.9 million people. It’s also the 126th anniversary of the patent for shredded wheat. Peaches Georgia gets bad news on Medicaid waiver funding. Abortion rate in Georgia