Author: Teri

Morning Reads for Tuesday, June 11

Good (mid)morning! Rep. Buddy Carter has a primary challenger. The Southern Baptist Convention grapples with their sexual abuse crisis. During the past 20 years, at least 400 male Southern Baptist leaders have abused more than 700 victims. Savannah is one of the best midsized cities in America. Heavy rains in the midwest mean that the

Morning Reads for Tuesday, June 4

Good morning! Studios including Disney, Netflix, WarnerMedia, Viacom, Sony, AMC, and NBCUniversal will likely rethink their relationship with Georgia should HB 481 go into effect. The Orly crash that indelibly changed Atlanta’s arts landscape happened 57 years ago, yesterday. A new Georgia law should mean fewer abandoned and derelict mobile homes. Meet Atlanta’s American Ninja

Morning Reads for Tuesday, May 28

Good morning! I hope you’re on vacation – but if you are on vacation, why on earth are you reading this? This past Saturday, a large group of abortion rights supporters marched from the Capitol to CNN Center to protest HB 481. Glynn County is the “Wild West” of short-term rentals. Middle Georgia, get ready

Morning Reads for Tuesday, May 21

Good morning! I was in Savannah this past weekend, but I spent my time surrounded by Girl Scouts, and stayed on the side of the river that was pure and good. Atlanta saw its first e-scooter fatality this past weekend. A bipartisan Senate bill – and with support from Senators from two major tobacco producing

Morning Reads for Tuesday, May 14

Good morning, and all the healing thoughts to President Carter. There is no connection between undocumented immigrants and increased crime. One mother’s account of her 13-year-old son’s journey into the Alt-Right movement, mostly via Reddit. Longtime Macon-Bibb councilman to run for mayor. “Reason to believe” Anthem violated Georgia law. Senator Bernie Sanders is headed to

HB 481 Is Not Pro-Life.

It should come as a surprise to approximately no one that I oppose HB 481, widely known as the “heartbeat bill.” There are myriad reasons why I believe it is a terrible piece of legislation, but I have also been active on the internet long enough to know that even the feistiest, most data-driven blog

Lunchtime Reads for Tuesday, May 7

Well. Hello there! There are nearly 700,000 veterans in Georgia. Here is how many of them are applying their military experience to their businesses. Governor Kemp signed the newest version of the Shore Protection Act. (YMMV.) Carolyn Meadows, the new NRA president and a Cobb County resident, had to (bless her heart) walk back her

Morning Reads for Tuesday, April 30.

Y’all, it’s the last day of April, and that only means one thing: As reported below, Stacey Abrams will not run against David Perdue in 2020. Sailors in every active Naval fleet report a lack of confidence in their leadership at the Pentagon; Pro Publica is covering the issue in depth. Insight on what in

Morning Reads for Tuesday, April 23

What Nipsey Hussle and Ryan Gravel have in common. Drill, baby, drill – but please not in Georgia, okay, Mr. President? A new report highlights potential risks of offshore drilling in the Atlantic. How the 2017 Tybee tornado helped scientists understand how heavy things move in severe weather. The Boston Globe’s Spotlight team delves into

Morning Reads for Tuesday, April 16

How laser technology may be able to assist in rebuilding Notre Dame. “The burning of a great stone book.” Compelling evidence in the case against the alleged church arsonist in St. Landry Parish, Louisiana. Near Skidaway, introducing Freedom Creek! When the Army’s Cyber Command moves to Ft. Gordon next year, it may have a new