Author: Teri

Morning Reads for Tuesday, October 16

First off, mea culpa. I was out of town last weekend, returned to Atlanta on Monday in time for the Braves game, no joy in Mudville*, yadda yadda yadda… and I completely flaked on last Tuesday’s morning reads. For that, I apologize. I am, however, unrepentant about the following links: Gwinnett County election officials have

Morning Reads for Tuesday, October 2

SURPRISE! (It’s October.) What lead to the failure of the Ivy Prep charter school network? Rural healthcare in Georgia is in crisis mode. Taliaferro County took matters into its own hands and started its own healthcare system. Meanwhile, the maternal mortality rate in Georgia is now lower than its previous lowest ranking. (And this is

Morning Reads for Tuesday, September 25

Good morning! I don’t know how you numb the pain of living in this figurative lobster pot, but actual lobsters are dealing with it with the help of some kind bud. Several colleges are finding new ways to navigate the aftermath of on-campus sexual assaults. MEAG voted yesterday to forge ahead with Plant Vogtle. Many

Morning Reads for Tuesday, September 18

Good morning! Several Georgia candidates are benefiting from millions of dollars of “dark money” from outside the state. Georgia’s coastal history is threatened by rising sea levels. Some are concerned that Civil War naval artifacts in Columbus aren’t being properly stored and preserved. “Reading The New South.” Click here for excellent links. The billionaire who

Morning Reads for Tuesday, September 11

Good morning. Here is one veteran’s reflection on September 11. In the 17 years since the attack, here is an overview of what’s been built at the WTC site. Georgia State, Georgia Tech, Agnes Scott, and Spelman are among the most innovative colleges and universities in the country. If you want to vote in Georgia

Morning Reads for Tuesday, September 3

Good morning! The more you know: half-mast and half-staff are not the same thing. Two Reuters journalists in Myanmar were sentenced to 7 years in prison for, essentially, being journalists. Incalculable, catastrophic loss: Brazil’s national museum burned to ashes, and an estimated 20 million items were destroyed. Stacey Abrams visited Augusta this weekend. Mayor Bottoms

Morning Reads for Tuesday, August 28

Good morning! There are fewer reads today; several of them are long-form pieces that I think merit your time. Senators Isakson and Perdue encouraged their colleagues to not rush to rename the Russell Senate Office Building in honor of Senator John McCain. The Clermont Hotel is open for business, and I can’t wait to stay

Morning Reads for Tuesday, August 21

Good morning! In an effort to stop the November referendum that would potentially create the City of Eagle’s Landing, Capital One Public Funding filed the latest lawsuit against the State of Georgia and Henry County. GA Tech President Bud Peterson is angry, disappointed, and embarrassed about the school’s administrative ethics scandal. Meanwhile, the Tech smarties

Morning Reads for Tuesday, August 14

Good morning! Canada eclipsed Georgia as the #1 spot to make movies. Augusta’s take on the proposed I-14. GA SoS office can’t figure out how to use the sum function in Excel; primary results still not official. Why the Braves are, apparently, team Kemp. (They’re also Team Many Other Candidates.) Georgia taxpayers aren’t on the

Morning Reads for Tuesday, August 7

Good morning! Every few years, someone rediscovers the story about how Agnes Scott defeated Princeton (before it was co-ed) in the GE College Bowl. This story is a gem. “The women of Agnes Scott had manners, but they weren’t mild.” The Ray is changing the way highways are built across the country. If you aren’t