Author: Teri

Morning Reads for Tuesday, December 4

Good morning! Please vote in the runoff election today. Turnout is low, and if we learned anything this year, it’s that every single vote counts. (Really, you should already know that every vote counts. But I’m jaded.) Background and insight on the Yellow Vest protests happening in France. Maureen Dowd’s touching tribute and rememberance of

“If He Were Here, I’d Say It To His Face.”

Yesterday, the Atlanta Press Club and Georgia Public Broadcasting hosted a debate between the candidates in the runoff for Secretary of State. Only John Barrow, the Democrat in the race, participated. Barrow wasted no time to take advantage of his opponent’s absence. “The last time we had this debate I think I beat my opponent up

Morning Reads for Tuesday, November 27

Good morning! The holidays are here – and so is early voting. 2,200 troops with the Georgia National Guard are heading to Afghanistan. While many people prefer fake trees (and also daily vacuuming, apparently) I am an unrepentant fake tree person. Whether fake or real trees are better for the environment, however, is up for

Morning Reads for Tuesday, November 20

“The eagle’s a scavenger, a thief, and a coward! A symbol of over ten centuries of European mischief! The turkey is the truly noble bird. Native American. Source of sustenance of our original settlers. An incredibly brave fellow who will not flinch at attacking a regiment of Englishmen! Singlehandedly! Therefore, the national bird of America

Morning Reads for Tuesday, November 13

Good morning! It is Day 1 of the Special Session. Here is where you can learn more about the devastating impact and aftermath of the path Hurricane Michael blazed through southern Georgia. Ronald Acuña, Jr., is the NL Rookie of the Year! Deadlock at the World Chess Championships! There were several bright spots on Election

Morning Reads for Tuesday, November 6

Remind me, what’s today? I compile (curate?) the GeorgiaPol Morning Reads every Tuesday, which means that I get to do them every Election Day – and I decided a while back that it’s best if Election Day Morning Reads are wholly apolitical. If this makes you twitchy, go play Tetris for an hour or so

Amazon’s HQ2 (x 2)

The New York Times reports that Amazon is finalizing their HQ 2 plans with the intent to split their second headquarters’ 50,000 employees between two East Coast cities – neither of which is Atlanta: The company is nearing a deal to move to the Long Island City neighborhood of Queens, according to two of the

Morning Reads for Tuesday, October 30

Good morning! I’ve started to think of Election Day as less of an event in and of itself, and more as if it were a deadline, not unlike the April 15th income tax filing deadline. So… have you voted yet? Next month’s Special Session of the Georgia General assembly won’t be an opportunity for outgoing

Morning Reads for Tuesday, October 23

Good morning, and happy birthday to my dad! Like Theresa, I read every comment on last Wednesday’s Morning Reads. I am definitely guilty of linking to news sites that put up a paywall after a few free articles, and I would like to gently suggest that if you find a news source where you’re frequently