Author: Teri

Morning Reads for Tuesday, November 12

Good morning! Please direct your prayers and positive thoughts to President Carter as he undergoes brain surgery this morning. A comprehensive timeline of all things Trump and Ukraine. Here’s another timeline of how we got to impeachment. Adidas is closing the company’s custom sneaker 3-D printing “Speedfactory” in Cherokee County. There’s a confirmed case of

Morning Reads for Tuesday, November 5

It’s Election Day! Is there a municipal race in your city? Residents in thirty Georgia cities will vote to decide whether they will have an extra hour and a half to serve alcohol on Sundays. Many believe that mimosas = jobs. Will your city be Bloody Mary-ready? Lordy, Lordy, NPR’s Morning Edition is 40! What

Morning Reads for Tuesday, October 29

California is still on fire. A new regulation in Georgia reduces the requirements for emergency medical personnel in ambulances. A man serving a life sentence for a conviction of rape and aggravated child molestation was accidentally released from Rogers State Prison in Reidsville. If you missed the demonstration of the state’s new voting machines at

Attorney General Takes Action Against BD

Attorney General Chris Carr filed a complaint against Becton, Dickinson and Company (BD) yesterday, alleging that the Newton County medical sterilization company “failed to recognize or disclose the duration and extent of the release,” referring to a September leak of 54.5 pounds of ethylene oxide, a carcinogenic gas that has also been the bane of

Morning Reads for Tuesday, October 22

Good morning! I’m re-posting this excellent story on why the Port of Savannah matters to Chicago that Ellyn posted in the comments on yesterday’s Morning Reads. If you live or work in metro Atlanta, plan to work from home on November 8, because Trump is heading to town. The St. Simons estuary is “holding steady”

Morning Reads for Tuesday, October 15

Good morning! If you haven’t had a moment to read Holly’s piece on knowledge and learning (and book burning) in Georgia, that should be your first stop. The Golden Ray will have to be disassembled in the St. Simons Sound. The Libertarian Party of Georgia is appealing a ruling that upholds Georgia’s ballot access laws.

Morning Reads for Tuesday, October 8

Good morning! Senator Isakson hopes that our presiding stable genius, he of the great and unmatched wisdom, will rethink his approach to the Middle East. The University System of Georgia’s health insurance will now cover gender-affirmation surgery. Meet DeKalb County’s first female police chief. Further judicial review is necessary to determine whether guns can coexist

Morning Reads for Tuesday, October 1

Happy birthday, President Carter! The General Assembly, the governing body that creates the state’s appropriations legislation, politely requests that the Governor’s office share the plans that state agencies submitted to the Governor’s office in response to his request that they cut spending by 4% this year, and 6% next year. (Here’s a primer for how

Sterigenics – in Illinois – Will Permanently Close

Earlier today, the medical sterilization company Sterigenics announced that they will permanently close their facility in Willowbrook, Illinois, attributing the decision to “the unstable legislative and regulatory landscape in Illinois.” Sterigencs has been in the Atlanta news since a story broke in July detailing the Georgia EPD’s decision to not inform residents near the Cobb

Livestream the House & Senate Joint Budget Hearings!

National Daughter Day, a completely made up holiday that Hallmark hasn’t yet managed to monetize and probably only exists to bolster facial recognition algorithms, was yesterday. Thus, I hereby declare today to be National Hearing Day! Yes, there’s a Really Big Deal hearing happening in Washington today – maybe you’re listening or watching right now!