Author: Teri

About That Cobb Delegation Meeting Yesterday

In suburban Atlanta, one of the big stories that came out of the 2018 election cycle was the transition of the legislative delegations from three metro counties – Cobb, Fulton, and Gwinnett – from a Republican to a Democrat majority. In preparation for this Session’s first meeting of the Cobb legislative delegation yesterday, House and

Morning Reads for Tuesday, January 29

Good morning! Hope you bought bread. Backpfeifengesicht is the German word for “a face in need of a slap.” This word for a specific kind of anger, and others like it from across the globe, can actually help you tame your own rage. Related: New Orleanians are never going to stop being angry about that

Morning Reads for Tuesday, January 22

Good morning! New Orleanians are ALL IN. Highlights from yesterday’s MLK service at Ebenezer Baptist Church. Stacey Abrams began her “Thank You” tour of Georgia yesterday. In Brunswick, for whom the bridge has a toll. Incorporation for Skidaway Island is back on the agenda. Take note, suburban Republicans: three GOP state reps from suburban districts

Mid-Morning Reads for Tuesday, January 15

Good morning! It’s Day 2 of the Legislative Session. Volkswagen is opening a second assembly plant in Chattanooga. Why are there two headstones embedded in runway 10 at SAV? The Mayor of Austell is retiring after three decades in office. The litigation over seismic testing in South Carolina continues. The fishing season is open for

Morning Reads for Tuesday, January 8

Smithsonian has an excellent review of the Cyclorama, which is not the largest painting in the world. It is, however, “the largest palimpsest of Civil War memory to be found anywhere on planet Earth,” and it reopens next month at the Atlanta History Center. Related: Georgia newspapers from the Civil War through the early twentieth

Morning Reads for Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Good morning, and welcome to 2019! Godspeed, and may you all resolve to be kind in the comments this year. Don’t forget to eat black-eyed peas and cabbage (or collards; YMMV, but I come from cabbage people) today! As the Kemp family prepares to move to 391 West Paces Ferry, here’s some BTDT advice from

Morning Reads for Christmas Day, 2018

Good morning, and Merry Christmas! Alternately, Happy Tuesday! I hope however you celebrate, whether it’s with family, at the movies, sidled up to your favorite bar, or enjoying a little peace and quiet, you have a wonderful day. This is a difficult time of year for many people, and if you are one of them,

Morning Reads for Tuesday, December 18

Good morning! Today is the deadline for the most economical shipping options. It has been an exceptionally good fundraising year for Atlanta’s HBCUs. There’s a lot of talk in Georgia about school start dates – but maybe the more pressing question isn’t when the school year starts, but what time the school day starts. The

Morning Reads for Tuesday, December 4

Good morning! Please vote in the runoff election today. Turnout is low, and if we learned anything this year, it’s that every single vote counts. (Really, you should already know that every vote counts. But I’m jaded.) Background and insight on the Yellow Vest protests happening in France. Maureen Dowd’s touching tribute and rememberance of