Author: Teri

Morning Reads for Tuesday, September 21

Good morning! I’m back. The “test-to-stay” protocol that is successfully used in Marietta City Schools may be a model for school systems throughout the United States. A 20-foot-tall bronze statue of Chief Tomochichi, the Yamacraw chief who granted James Oglethorpe permission to settle and found what is now the city of Savannah, was placed in

Morning Reads for Tuesday, August 31

Good morning! It’s the last day of August, which means that fake fall is only a few weeks away! How long will the power be out in New Orleans? At least a few weeks.  FTLOG, stop taking the horse paste, dummies! Calls to the Georgia Poison Center are on the rise. If you took too

Morning Reads for Tuesday, August 24

Good morning – I hope you will pause when you read this to pay a few moments of respect for State Representative Mickey Stephens, who died on August 14, and who will be laid to rest this week in Savannah. There will be a public memorial service this evening in Savannah at Tiger Arena, and

Morning Reads for Tuesday, August 17

In an attempt to encourage state employees to get vaccinated, the Governor announced an impromptu state holiday the Friday before Labor Day. (He did not announce surveillance testing for unvaccinated state employees. He also did not announce a holiday 21 days from the Friday prior to Labor Day.) The latest COVID-19 surge, fueled by the

Midday Reads for Tuesday, August 10

Hello! I hope you enjoyed lunch. Here’s some background on Kathy Hochul, the new Governor of New York! The Pentagon is ready to mandate vaccines for all troops.  President Obama is 60, and he’s optimistic.  One-third of Georgia’s sheriffs aren’t waiting around to see who else might enter the GOP primary and have endorsed Gary

Morning Reads for Tuesday, August 3

Good morning! If you are not vaccinated, but feel like you might be ready, here’s how to find a vaccine: Call the Health Department Vaccine Scheduling Resource Line at (888) 457-0186. Hours are Monday-Friday, 8 AM-8 PM, and weekends 8 AM-5 PM. Visit the DPH Vaccine Scheduling Portal. Visit Vaccine Finder. Find a vaccination pop-up

Morning Reads for Tuesday, July 27

Good morning! Hey, did y’all know that the Herschel Walker candidacy (that some desire and others choose to fervently hope against) might come with some baggage? Ask anyone in the Governor’s office and they’ll assure you that Georgia is open for business! Except, not if you’re talking about the Georgia Department of Labor, where all

Morning Reads for Tuesday, July 20

Good morning! The leadership change at DFCS happened much more abruptly than many initially realized — and many child advocates are concerned with the potential fallout. Georgians (and Georgia lawmakers) might be wise to prepare for twice the Special Session fun this fall. Work on salvaging the Golden Ray has temporarily paused for crane maintenance.

Morning Reads for Tuesday, July 13

Good morning! If you live in HD 34, today is Election Day! The Delta variant is the main strain of COVID in Georgia — but being fully vaccinated gives you almost total protection against illness. Why, then, are most Georgia adults choosing to not be vaccinated? Ballot drop boxes were used heavily in mostly democratic