Author: Teri

Morning Reads for Tuesday, January 14

Good morning! Today is the second legislative day. If you’d like to play along at home, here’s the Adjournment Resolution with the schedule through early February. If you wear a seatbelt, you have a much better chance of staying alive in a car crash. The chances of a seatbelt bill surviving the Senate? Eh, maybe

Morning Reads for Tuesday, January 7

Good morning! Have you read Charlie’s Session 2020 preview yet? Because… Back benchers in the Republican party who are free of the burdens of governing or math will likely grandstand on platitudes and purity tests.  This will please hyper-partisans that call themselves the “base” and keyboard warriors in the comment section, but will please members

Morning Reads for Tuesday, December 17

Good morning! Bipartisan efforts between Representatives Lucy McBath and Buddy Carter aim to improve public health technology. Work is underway to revise Georgia’s math standards. (No, this is not an article about the proposed state budget cuts.) Max Blau gives us compelling reporting on the state of healthcare in Georgia’s prisons. Here are two of

Stacey Evans Announces Run for House District 57

“Being in the fight matters.” That’s one of several factors that motivated former Representative and House Democratic Caucus Chair (as well as my immediate predecessor) Stacey Evans to announce her candidacy for House District 57, which is an open seat following Pat Gardner’s retirement announcement last week. Her announcement is to the point: As a

Morning Reads for Tuesday, December 10

Good morning! Here’s a holiday decorating PSA: you’re supposed to fluff your artificial garlands, wreaths, and trees. You’re welcome. In what is apparently not a unique event, a scorpion stung a passenger on a United Airlines flight from San Francisco to Atlanta. The United Way of Central Georgia will step in to save a critical

Morning Reads for Tuesday, December 3

Good morning, and a tremendous thanks goes to Holly for covering the past two Tuesdays! Please keep sending those positive thoughts and prayers to President Carter. The holiday season is upon us, and there’s no better time to revisit this excellent piece on the emotional labor required of the women (it’s almost always the women)

Morning Reads for Tuesday, November 12

Good morning! Please direct your prayers and positive thoughts to President Carter as he undergoes brain surgery this morning. A comprehensive timeline of all things Trump and Ukraine. Here’s another timeline of how we got to impeachment. Adidas is closing the company’s custom sneaker 3-D printing “Speedfactory” in Cherokee County. There’s a confirmed case of

Morning Reads for Tuesday, November 5

It’s Election Day! Is there a municipal race in your city? Residents in thirty Georgia cities will vote to decide whether they will have an extra hour and a half to serve alcohol on Sundays. Many believe that mimosas = jobs. Will your city be Bloody Mary-ready? Lordy, Lordy, NPR’s Morning Edition is 40! What

Morning Reads for Tuesday, October 29

California is still on fire. A new regulation in Georgia reduces the requirements for emergency medical personnel in ambulances. A man serving a life sentence for a conviction of rape and aggravated child molestation was accidentally released from Rogers State Prison in Reidsville. If you missed the demonstration of the state’s new voting machines at

Attorney General Takes Action Against BD

Attorney General Chris Carr filed a complaint against Becton, Dickinson and Company (BD) yesterday, alleging that the Newton County medical sterilization company “failed to recognize or disclose the duration and extent of the release,” referring to a September leak of 54.5 pounds of ethylene oxide, a carcinogenic gas that has also been the bane of