Morning Reads for Tuesday, July 13

Good morning! If you live in HD 34, today is Election Day!

  • The Delta variant is the main strain of COVID in Georgia — but being fully vaccinated gives you almost total protection against illness. Why, then, are most Georgia adults choosing to not be vaccinated?
  • Ballot drop boxes were used heavily in mostly democratic metro counties, as shown in this deeply-researched article — so it shouldn’t be surprising that SB 202 puts severe limits on the demonstrably secure and convenient way to vote.
  • Most lawmakers who have been through budget ups and downs will tell you that it’s often tricker to navigate the politics of a surplus than a shortfall. In Georgia, we’re about to put that adage to the test — except the 2022 session with have the added bonus of being an election year and also being immediately post-redistricting.
  • Opioid deaths are on the rise in Georgia. 
  • In this week’s episode of Caregiving Is An Economic Issue (And Is Also Infrastructure), childcare centers throughout Georgia face significant staffing shortages
  • Here’s more information on the expanded child tax credit, and how it might impact your family.
  • The trail of indicted Insurance Commissioner Jim Beck is set to start. Here’s what is at stake for him, and for Georgia.  


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