Morning Reads for Tuesday, July 27

Good morning! Hey, did y’all know that the Herschel Walker candidacy (that some desire and others choose to fervently hope against) might come with some baggage?

  • Ask anyone in the Governor’s office and they’ll assure you that Georgia is open for business! Except, not if you’re talking about the Georgia Department of Labor, where all 21 career centers are still closed for Georgians who need help with employment (and regardless of the staffing shortages in many industries — believe me, there are Georgians who need assistance from the DOL; I still receive multiple emails a day from people across the state who need assistance). Meanwhile, the state is paying $6 million a year on rent for these closed offices.
  • If you’ve followed the slow-yet-steady progression of Georgia’s evolving cannabis public policy, you will be pleased to learn that the state issued six licenses for up to 30 THC oil dispensaries.
  • OSHA set severe penalties for the Foundation Food Group chicken processing plant in Gainesville where six workers died in what was deemed a “preventable” tragedy earlier this year.
  • COVID cases are spiking among trainees at Fort Benning, including an increasing number of them who are admitted to the ICU because of COVID.
  • Savannah is the first Georgia city to reinstate a mask mandate as COVID-19 cases continue to rise (despite the fact that there are multiple vaccines that are miracles and that are safe and freely available to every Georgian age 12 and up, ahem.)

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