Author: Teri

Morning Reads for Tuesday, November 10

Good morning! Election Day was one week ago – and Joe Biden is absolutely our President-Elect. Lacking any evidence whatsoever of any election wrongdoing, Georgia’s incumbent GOP Senators demand that Georgia’s GOP Secretary of State resign. Meanwhile, a Trump appointee refuses to sign the document that will allow the Biden transition to move forward and

Morning Reads for Election Day 2020

Good morning! You know what to do. And if you have any trouble doing that, here’s the number for the Voter Protection Hotline: 1-888-730-5816. Here’s the link to the Georgia Recorder’s live election coverage from across Georgia. And here’s why you need to pack your patience: as we learned in the June primary here in

Morning Reads for Tuesday, October 27

One. More. Week. . . . Until we start the runoff. Oh hey, did you know that Georgia is in play? Vice President is visiting the state today, including a visit to Warm Springs and FDR’s Little White House. “We are going to get dragged through the dirt for something that we did not do.”

Morning Reads for Tuesday, October 20

Good morning! Two more weeks. “The COVID Flight From Hell.” Firsthand accounts of what happened to passengers on a transatlantic cruise turned pandemic nightmare, and what happened when they were returned to the United States and landed in Atlanta. Democrats in Georgia far surpassed GOP candidates in the most recent fundraising cycle. GOP House and

Morning Reads for Tuesday, October 13

Good morning! Early voting is underway at locations throughout Georgia. Here’s where you can find an early voting location near you. Thousands of Georgians, many waiting in line for hours, voted on the first day of early voting yesterday. State officials estimated that 110,000 people voted yesterday. Remarked one who was in line before sunrise,

Morning Reads for Tuesday, October 6

Good morning! The election is in four weeks! All the latest on Trump’s COVID-19 fight. WAWAWEEWA! Sasha Baron Cohen returned to Georgia, this time as Borat, and was once again able to find some folks in Macon who not only had not heard of Borat, but apparently have also not heard of Will Ferrell, I

Why I Am a YES on All Three Statewide Ballot Questions

If you’ve received your (safe! secure!) absentee-by-mail ballot*, you might have some questions about the three statewide ballot questions. This article by Maggie Lee gives excellent explanations of what each ballot question means for Georgia (yes, the image of the golden tire dome is appropriate). I am voting yes on all three items. Here’s why:

Morning Reads for Tuesday, September 29

Good morning! If you live in Georgia’s 5th Congressional District, don’t forget to vote [for the person who will represent you for, oh, a week or so, tops, until January and the winner of the general election in November cough*NikemaWilliams*cough is sworn in to truly represent the 5th for a full term]! President Carter formally

Morning Reads for Tuesday, September 22

Good morning! I hope you enjoyed the 21st night of September. Air quality studies indicate that since the Sterigenics plant in Cobb County reopened following the explicit request of the Governor, levels of ethylene oxide are at least as high – and in some cases higher – than they were prior to the County forcing

Rethinking Stone Mountain

This past Tuesday’s Morning Reads included a link to an article covering a discussion between the Stone Mountain Action Coalition, a group of citizens that describes themselves as, “a movement dedicated to a more inclusive Stone Mountain Park centered on the principles of healing, transformation and progress,” and the Stone Mountain Memorial Association, the official