Morning Reads for Tuesday, May 18

Good morning! It’s a great day in Georgia.

  • Dr. Fauci spoke to Emory grads this weekend and his remarks included discussion about how the COVID-19 pandemic revealed the results of generations of systemic racism in the healthcare system.
  • The latest in the awful saga of the Golden Ray: fire and (more) pollution.
  • Representative Barry Fleming was sure to thank the Heritage Foundation for the work they did to help “get the truth out about what we were really trying to do,” with Georgia’s restrictive new voting law.
  • The Supreme Court’s decision to consider Mississippi’s abortion law bolsters hopes for proponents of Georgia’s heartbeat bill.
  • The Georgia GOP “can’t move on” from Trump’s loss — and apparently many among their ranks don’t see that as a problem
  • Kelly Loeffler’s PAC, which is totally not a fundraising grift, has had to refund millions to donors who unwittingly agreed to make monthly donations to the group. 
  • REM’s “Reveal” turns 20 — also, this anniversary review was written by a child who was 10 years old when the album came out.
  • One Putnam County man did his level best to challenge Florida Man.
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