Morning Reads for Tuesday, June 15

Good morning! We are more than two weeks into summer and I hope you are enjoying it to the (vaccinated) fullest. (P.S., you should wear sunscreen, too.)

  • It’s Election Day in Georgia! Well, it is in two House districts. HD 34 in Cobb has the potential to flip to Democratic control. Oh, and there’s that new election law to consider.
  • Redistricting is on the minds of many Georgians, even though we have a ways to wait for detailed census information.
  • At 5 PM tonight, the House and Senate Reapportionment and Redistricting Committees are hosting their first joint meeting. Tonight’s meeting is virtual; others will be held throughout the state this summer. Here’s the agenda, and here’s a link to watch the meeting live this evening.
  • Reality Winner was released from prison yesterday.
  • The organizer of large – and disruptive – “street takeover” events throughout Atlanta was arrested this weekend upon his return to ATL following a weekend in Miami. He was wearing a face mask sporting the name of the Instagram account for which he denied any knowledge.
  • A Cordele City Commissioner was arrested on a felony obstruction charge.
  • Many nursing homes are – not unreasonably, given all we have learned the past year – requiring that their employees be vaccinated against COVID-19. This unfortunately means that there is a smattering of nursing home employees who are about to lose their jobs. AARP offers a thoughtful analysis of this situation.
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