Morning Reads for Tuesday, January 25

Good morning! Today is Day 6 of the 2022 Legislative Session. Over in the Senate, things are getting a little bit wacky as a group of powerful Senators hopes to completely undermine public health in Georgia in what would be a big win for measles and polio by ridding our public schools of their current vaccine requirements. Here are several other stories you may want to watch as the session proceeds.

  • Last week was Budget Week, which is when the General Assembly holds joint Appropriations Committee hearings. It’s an election year, and incumbent Governor Brian Kemp has an unprecedented budget surplus to work with. Here’s an analysis of how previous incumbents have handled their election year budgets.
  • Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens was very well-received in the Capitol yesterday — which may not bode so well for recent Atlanta transplant Bill White.
  • Georgia has a Freedom Caucus, and Senator Greg Dolezal is leading the effort. Other members are so proud to participate that they are keeping their identity a secret.
  • One bill I’m paying close attention to is the Senate bill that would rebuild how high school athletics are overseen in Georgia.
  • Non-citizens already can’t vote in Georgia so it makes sense that a Senate bill that would make noncitizen voting illegal failed yesterday.
  • The Anthem/Northside feud continues to fester — but there’s new leadership at Anthem as discussions continue.
  • Truly it is the end of an era.

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