Morning Reads for Tuesday, March 29

Good morning! Today is Legislative Day 37. Times are… weird. Submitted for your consideration:

  • Yesterday, as the Senate Finance Committee considered the tax cut that passed the House earlier in the session, they lobbed a last-minute change to the (arguably very successful) state film tax credit.
  • The big, transformative mental health bill (that has been subject to an extreme amount of weirdness from the GOP fringe) passed the Senate yesterday.
  • SoS Raffensperger confirms (what we already knew): no non-citizens voted in Georgia.
  • Last night’s Lawmakers on GPB featured a very informative interview with DBHDD head Judy Fitzgerald.
  • This week in Agnes Scott College news: Professor Willie Tolliver, Jr., literally wrote the book on Will Smith, and he has thoughts on the Oscars.

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