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Atlanta Nears Head of the Tech Class

The old IT guy image of slide rules and pocket protecters is gone. Today’s tech workers require the best bandwidth, cool tools, workplace flexibility and most of all, a bit of fun in the office.

According to, Atlanta is now in second place, right behind Austin, TX as the next big IT hub. Our secret may be out.

Out-of-reach housing is one of the drivers behind tech companies moving out of the established nerd neighborhoods like Silicon Valley, Seattle, etc. What’s the point of a good salary if you all you can afford is the corner of someone’s garage?

Having Google Fiber helps. Stars like job engine Atlanta Tech Village attracts bright entrepreneurial minds. Georgia Tech continues to churn out start-ups through its innovation programs. Living expenses are still reasonable. Public transit actually works (looking at you, D.C.).

Not mentioned in the article, but still a big factor in Atlanta’s tech draw is Georgia Tech’s Coda initiative, scheduled to open in 2019 at Tech Square.

Atlanta continues to reinvent itself.

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Today is National Superhero Day. Be sure to hug your resident Batman.

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