Author: Ginny

Morning Reads for Friday, May 22, 2020

So funny. Can’t breathe. Painful, in more ways than one. Be patient, young padawan. And so it begins  And they wonder why people don’t trust the government. Know the rules for your phone. If you have a finely honed skill, why not make some dough with it? Surprisingly spot-on. Cake or death?  Cake, Please. Do

Morning Reads for Friday, May 15, 2020

Forget the murder hornets. BIG lizards. The best part of any press conference!  Yeah, it could happen.  Half of Hollywood’s here anyway.  And the rest are packing their U-Hauls. Champ’s Clock Shop is worth the trip over the river.  Georgia on My Mind to livestream this year. Atmosphere is everything. Not aliens. Make it stop!

Morning Reads for Friday, May 8, 2020

Sunday is Mother’s Day. Hug her, squeeze her, blow kisses from afar. Celebrate your mom while you can! Jericho Brown wins Pulitzer in poetry. Sad changes coming in Tifton. Hurry up, already! Crunchy! Zesty!  So did you venture out for Taco Tuesday? No good deed goes unpunished. Race car driver in training. Self-determination. The operative

Morning Reads for Friday, May 1, 2020

Spotted in West Georgia Monday night. Be careful out there. Bring out yer dead. The metaphor of closing down a kitchen. The Brix pile-on is nothing but politics as usual. Space nerd stuff. …unauthorized use of a cauldron… Creepy.  Like Alien Queen creepy. Some dance to remember, some dance to forget.

Morning Reads for Friday, April 24, 2020

Thought police, part 2.  But wait, another flip-flop.   If this keeps up, we’re all gonna need a flowchart. Helping hand for vulernable seniors. I’m a Maker.  What’s your super-power? Face bananas. Karma. Or something. Germ theory.  With cool medieval illustrations. Interesting piece on Super-Spreaders. Space nerd stuff.

Morning Reads for Friday, April 17, 2020

Thought police. This reminds me it’s time to plant your tomatoes. Not encouraging. When BB is more believable than the national media. Sooner or later, we’ll know the truth. What is it with these people? We all need some sunshine and human interaction. Long, but worth it.  Before all our brains turn to mush. Too

Morning Reads for Friday, April 10, 2020

Date night ideas for that person you’re sick of looking at (JK, Honey!). The ultimate Rite of Spring is moved to November. Tybee Island bar owner helps staff.  Bernie bails. Does California’s fever dream have a Fort Sumter scene?  In The South, everybody waves at everybody else.  Is this truly some diabolical, secret signal, or

Morning Reads for Friday, April 3, 2020

Help those on the front lines.  Pink is the new black. Sunken prehistoric forest off the coast of Gulf Shores.  Kennedy Center sinks to new low. The difficulty of distancing a social people.  NY always has a plan. Government, in the way again. The definition of insanity. P0rn bombers aside, be careful using Zoom. NYC

Morning Reads for Friday, March 27, 2020

What would Lewis Grizzard, the patron saint of GeorgiaPol, have to say about The Present Pestilence?  I couldn’t find any notable quotes, so leave what you think would be a good Lewis-ism in the comments.  RIP Bill Bartholomay. Life at our house. Free KK donuts on Monday to healthcare workers!  Mary Norwood urging GOPers to

Morning Reads for Friday, the 13th of March, 2020

Lots of events are cancelled/posponed/suspended. The key is to be flexible, be safe, and be well. As for me and my house, we’ll be stress-baking. For those counting… NBA suspends season. MLB suspends season.  MLS suspends for 30 days. NCAA March Madness canceled. St. Patrick’s Day parades canceled. GA Legislature suspends (but don’t take the silverware out