Author: Theresa Garcia Robertson

Winning for Women endorses Congresswoman Handel

In a press release today, Winning for Women announced their endorsement of Congresswoman Karen Handel. Winning for Women is a a 501(c)(4) “supporting women leaders who believe in free-market principles and a strong national defense.” WASHINGTON, DC – Today, Winning For Women, an organization supporting women leaders who believe in free-market principles and a strong national

Adoption Bill Back For Round Two

Last year, Georgia Legislators attempted to revise the adoption laws in our state. It got ugly. And the 2017 session ended with no solution to the ever-growing issues and complications related to fostering and adoption in the State of Georgia. However, HB 159 passed out of the Senate Judiciary Committee last week. On January 18th,

Georgia Continues to Lead the Way on the National Stage

According to an article by Politico, Congresswoman Karen Handel (R-Ga.) made a presentation to House GOP leaders behind closed doors on Wednesday morning. The presentation covered how she won a highly contested race against Democrat Jon Ossoff last summer and how incumbents and newbies alike can beat opposition in the upcoming mid-term elections. “Be prepared

The One Where Michael Williams’ Campaign Manager Spends the Afternoon on Twitter

It must be a slow day in the Williams for Governor campaign office. Earlier this afternoon, the Georgia Young Republican’s twitter feed featured the following statement and Gubernatorial hopeful Michael Williams campaign manager, Seth Weathers, took to the keyboard to respond.   No other responses have been elicited from Mr. Weathers on this particular thread.