Potential Candidates for Columbus Mayor on the Horizon

According to an article in the Ledger-Enquirer earlier today, one of Columbus’ two city-wide Council members is looking at a run for Mayor. Skip Henderson, a 20- year veteran on the Columbus City Council, won reelection last year with 59% against a local attorney.

“If we decide to do this, we have to jump in pretty quick,” Henderson said earlier this week. “We are at a point where it is a matter of weeks and not months before a decision has to be made. I am really looking hard at it.”

With the current mayor, Teresa Tomlinson, unable to run for a third term according to the city’s charter, the field is wide open. Continue reading “Potential Candidates for Columbus Mayor on the Horizon”

Columbus Mayor Considering Statewide Run

According to an article in the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, Mayor Teresa Tomlinson is considering a statewide run for something. She hasn’t decided what, but Governor and Secretary of State are on the list. Earlier rumors mentioned a possible run for Attorney General, but apparently, Mayor Tomlinson approves of the job current Attorney General Chris Carr is doing for the state. According to the article Tomlinson said;

“I have always been — and I have not gotten as much credit for it by some — someone who doesn’t always go against a candidate just because of their party. I look to see if they are doing a good job.”

Tomlinson would not reveal names, but says she has been approached by state officials and folks within the DNC to run for all three positions. The mayor says she will make a decision within the next week or so, stating several factors are weighing her decision making process including “lifestyle and family.” Tomlinson is married to attorney Trip Tomlinson, and has aging parents.

“Being in public life is all consuming,” Tomlinson said. “My dad is 81, my mom is 78. I have a husband, with whom I love spending time. All that suffers when you are in public life.”

Before life in the public eye, Teresa Tomlinson was a trial lawyer with Pope McGlamry. She left the law in 2006 to run MidTown, Inc., a non-profit in Columbus. In 2010, Tomlinson became the first female mayor of Columbus, Georgia. The position is term-limited to two four year terms, however, and she is unable to run for the office again.

She will have to work hard to gain the same level of statewide name recognition as others seeking a position on the Democratic ballot for both offices. With rumors of Stacy Abrams, Kasim Reed, Jason Carter, Stacy Evans, and John Barrow all considering a run for Governor, Mayor Tomlinson would have her work cut out for her if she chose that lane. There are fewer rumors of potential candidates on the Democratic ballot when it comes to Secretary of State. But with strong candidates already announced on the Republican ballot and Georgia still considered a Red State, the race will be hard fought no matter she decides.


Senator David Perdue Tours I-85 Bridge Repair

U.S. Senator David Perdue and Georgia Department of Transportation Commissioner Russell McMurry toured the I-85 bridge rebuilding effort and discussed the construction progress.

According to a presser:


“I am grateful that no Georgians were injured during the I-85 bridge collapse,” said Senator Perdue. “A special thank you goes out to our first responders for their swift action to protect everyone in the vicinity of the incident. After surveying the damage first hand on the ground, I am confident we will continue to work closely to coordinate our state and federal entities to get I-85 up and running again as soon as humanly possible.”

“It’s really great to have you here today, Senator, pledging your federal support, and all the help that you’ve afforded Georgia is just outstanding,” said Commissioner McMurry. “From President Trump to Secretary Chao to you and our whole delegation, everyone has been so helpful throughout this process. It’s been really important since we are all hands on deck to get this interstate open as soon as possible.”

GA-03: Ferguson Drops First Piece of Legislation

Congressman Drew Ferguson of the Georgia’s 3rd Congressional District hasn’t wasted any time getting his feet wet in Washington. According to a press release, Ferguson’s first bill is the Child Tax Credit Protection Act.

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All we do is lose, lose, lose…

…no matter what, what, what.

I have been an active participant in the political process for a very long time. I have watched great candidates and not-so great candidates win and lose. And I have watched folks who have the potential to be a good candidate lose because they cannot keep their mouths shut or their fingers off their keyboard.

The latter happens to be the case in the Georgia CD-6.

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GA-06: Handel and Ossoff are still in the lead

In a poll by MoveOn.org surveying 350 likely Special Election voters, Democrat Jon Ossoff and Republican Karen Handel are still the candidates of choice. According to the Atlanta Business Chronicle, Ossoff received 40% of the support garnered, while none of the other four Democrats scored more than 1%. Handel, on the other hand, came in with 18% with the other 10 Republican candidates coming in at 8% or below.

The poll also showed that if the election goes to a runoff in June, as expected, Ossoff and Handel are currently tied at 45 percent. The survey’s margin or error was plus-or-minus 5.2 percent.

Ossoff’s biggest challenge will be to win the race outright this month by capturing more than 50 percent of the vote. Otherwise, he likely would have to compete one-on-one in the runoff against a GOP opponent in the heavily Republican district, which takes in East Cobb, North Fulton and North DeKalb counties.

19% of those polled were undecided.

While poll numbers look pretty much the same no matter who does the polling, the interesting part of the article was at the end.

Meanwhile, Handel’s campaign got an early jump releasing her campaign fund-raising totals, which are not due to be filed until Thursday. She has raised more than $463,000 in fewer than seven weeks and has more than $183,000 in cash on hand.

Handel reported 831 donors, nearly 90 percent of whom live in Georgia.

Congressman Ferguson to Host Job Fair in GA-3

In a press announcement released today, Congressman Drew Ferguson of Georgia’s 3rd announced a Job Fair in LaGrange on April 13, 2017. According to the Congressman’s communication director, Amy Timmerman, the information has been shared over 500 times on Facebook.

After a little checking on Facebook, I found updated numbers at more than 600 shares and dozens of comments where folks were tagging friends and family. A much needed and well received opportunity in the Third Congressional District.


WHO: Third District employers and residents

WHAT: Jobs Fair and Career Skills Workshop

WHEN: Thursday April 13, 2017, 2:30 p.m.–7:00 p.m.

WHERE: The Calloway Conference Center at West Georgia Technical College, 220 Fort Drive, LaGrange, Georgia

Any employers still interested in registering for the event should contact the Congressman’s district office in Newnan at (770) 683-2033. Direct all press inquiries to Amy Timmerman.

According to the Congressman’s communication director, Amy Timmerman, the information has been shared over 500 times on Facebook.

Kemp Officially Enters Governors Race

According the the AJC- Political Insider, Secretary of State Brian Kemp has officially announced his entry into the 2018 race for the Governor’s Office.

“As your governor, I will fight to make Georgia No. 1 for small business, treat all parts of our state – including rural Georgia – the same, work to fundamentally reform government and always put the needs of Georgians – not special interests – first,” he said. “It’s time to fight for Georgia and I am prepared to lead the charge.”

Additionally, he stated that his reason for seeking higher office is because

 “I know how to put government in its place.”

The 53 year-old from Athens is the first candidate to formally declare his candidacy. Others considering the seat are former Reps. Jack Kingston and Lynn Westmoreland, House Speaker David Ralston and state Sens. Michael Williams, Hunter Hill and Josh McKoon.

According to the AJC,

Kemp’s early announcement is in part because he needs to start raising significant cash – and soon. He owns stakes in stone supply and construction businesses and has at least $3 million in land holdings, but he doesn’t have the immense wealth needed to finance his own campaign.

Kemp was appointed to his current position by then Governor Sonny Perdue in 2010 when Karen Handel resigned from the post to run for Governor. He has since been re-elected twice.

For now, it is uncertain if he will remain in office for the remainder of his term. Names being considered to replace Kemp in the interim are Gwinnett State Rep. Buzz Brockway (R), who has announced he will run for the seat, and the governor’s executive counsel, David Werner.

Remembering What Matters

I didn’t know Jon Richards as well as others here. But I do know people who cared deeply for him. And I care deeply for them.

Death is weird. It is a show-stopping, non-discrimitory, perspective changing, stop-you-in-your-tracks, and the absolute one thing in life you can count on happening to everybody. It can bring out the worst in us. And it can bring out the best.

I am convinced that the passing of Jon Richards has brought out the best in our little corner of the world. From Jon’s last day at the Capitol and the love and respect showered on him from the Governor’s office and beyond, to the respects paid by those near and far, on social media and by major news outlets. But especially by the incredible example of loyalty and genuine friendship shown to Jon by our own Charlie Harper.

There is nothing so intimate, so loving, so personal, as helping someone pass from this life into the next. And Charlie was a part of that for Jon. He selflessly gave of his time, lovingly walked with Jon’s family, and advocated for Jon when Jon was unable to do so for himself. Charlie left not one stone unturned, made every necessary phone call, reached out to anyone he could think of, in an effort to make these last few months as easy on Jon and his family as they could be.

That is friendship. That is loyalty. That is selflessness. That is humanity.

It’s nice to think that what we do here at GaPol matters. It feels good to feel like you are sharing some tidbit of knowledge or information that will help something or someone. But let me share something that really matters.

People matter. Relationships matter. Spending time with the people you love matters.

Most peoples lives will continue as normal today. But some will feel a void for the foreseeable future. Be kind. Reach out. Check in. Because that is what really matters.

New Fox 5 poll has Ossoff leading Handel with a 2-1 lead

In an exclusive poll by Fox 5 | Opinion Savvy, Democrat candidate Jon Ossoff is currently leading Republican candidate Karen Handel at 40% with Handel behind him at 20%.

Next up are former Johns Creek City Councilman Bob Gray and State Senator Judson Hill of Marietta, tied at 10%. Former State Senator Dan Moody of Johns Creek is at 8%. The rest of the candidates totaled 6%. There are 18 candidates in total.

According to the Fox 5 release:

In an Ossoff/Handel runoff, Handel has 41%, Ossoff 42%, and 17% are undecided.

In an Ossoff/Gray runoff, Gray has 42%, Ossoff 44%, and 14% are undecided.

In an Ossoff/Hill runoff, Hill has 45%, Ossoff 44%, and 11% are undecided.

In an Ossoff/Moody runoff, Moody has 43%, Ossoff 46%, and 11% undecided.

The poll conducted by Opinion Savvy surveyed 462 registered voters in the 6th District, and has a margin of error of 4.5%.

The poll also asked voters in what historically has been a Republican district about the job President Trump is doing.

The poll shows an approval rating of 53% for the President, disapproval at 46%, and only 1% unsure.

The election for the open Congressional seat is April 18th, with the top 2 vote getters facing off in a June 20th runoff.