Author: Theresa Garcia Robertson

Morning Reads for Monday, February 11, 2019

It’s Week 5 of the Legislative Session, but I swear we’ve been here longer. Just me? Ok. Things you might have missed while you were living real life: Georgia House Democrats Mary Margaret Oliver, Shelly Hutcheson, Teri Anulewicz, Sandra Scott, and Derrick Jackson co-sponsored legislation that would remove protections for Confederate monuments on public property

Former Congressman Jack Brinkley dies in Columbus at 88

Earlier this morning, former Congressman Jack Brinkley (D-Columbus) died at St. Francis Hospital of natural causes, according to the Ledger-Enquirer. Congressman Brinkley was born in Faceville, Georgia in Decatur County on December 22, 1930. He received his undergraduate degree from Young Harris College and served as a pilot in the United States Air Force. He