New Abrams Ad Touts Partnerships Across Aisle in Legislature

Democratic candidate for Governor Stacey Abrams has released a new television ad and it touts her work on both sides of the aisle when she served in the Georgia legislature.

The ad “All  Sides Agree” spotlights Abrams’ “pragmatic, bipartisan record”, a release from the Democratic candidate’s campaign said Monday. “As Minority Leader, Abrams routinely worked across the aisle to find balanced solutions on critical issues such as transportation, criminal justice reform and taxes,” Abrams’ campaign said.” The press release also championed Abrams’ work with Governor Nathan Deal and said Abrams single-handedly stopped the largest tax increase in Georgia’s history.

Republican groups from outside Georgia spend millions attacking Stacey Abrams. But Republicans in Georgia say “that doesn’t match her record.” Georgia Republicans call Stacey Abrams a pragmatic leader who engages with the GOP to find solutions. Her balanced view allowed her to reach across the aisle to help Governor Nathan Deal…Pass a billion-dollar transportation bill and comprehensive criminal justice reform. And she stopped the largest tax increase in Georgia history. Both sides agree, Stacey Abrams works to help all of Georgia.
From the press release:
VO: Republican groups from outside Georgia spend millions attacking Stacey Abrams
GFX: Republicans OUTSIDE Georgia Attacking Stacey Abrams
Meanwhile, the Washington D.C.-based Republican Governor’s Association reported spending about $2 million on ads slamming Abrams over her handling of her finances and her support for gun control measures.
VO: But Republicans in Georgia say that doesn’t match her record
GFX: Republicans INSIDE Georgia “That doesn’t match her record” AP 8.20.18
Brian Robinson, a former top aide to Deal, simultaneously skewers and compliments Abrams. She “has run a campaign as if she’s Bernie Sanders,” he said, referring to the democratic socialist senator and failed presidential candidate. But, Robinson added, “That doesn’t match her record in the General Assembly.
VO: Georgia Republicans call Stacey Abrams a pragmatic leader who engages with the GOP to find solutions
Stacey Abrams
“Pragmatic” “Engage with the GOP” “To find solutions” Allen Peake (R) Georgia House of Representatives AP 8.20.18
“She’s a brilliant woman … one of the smartest people I’ve ever met,” said state Rep. Allen Peake, who backs Kemp but counts Abrams as a friend from their days in the same legislative freshman class.
Peake said he’s wary about Abrams’ policy agenda, but characterized her as “pragmatic” and avoided broadsides about socialism.
“She did always try to find solutions,” he said, noting the state budget passed nearly unanimously during Abrams’ tenure because she corralled her caucus to engage with the GOP majority.
her balanced view allowed her to reach across the aisle to help Governor Nathan Deal
GFX: Stacey Abrams

 “Balanced view” -Republican Speaker of the House David Ralston The NY Times 8.19.18 “Ability to reach across the aisle” -Republican Speaker of the House David Ralston The NYTimes 8.19.18

But when Ms. Abrams was beginning her long run as the minority leader in the State House of Representatives, Republicans who were getting to know her style told a different story: They saw a Democrat with a “balanced view on issues,” as the speaker of the House, David Ralston, put it at the time, and an “ability to reach across the aisle.
VO: pass a billion dollar transportation bill
Campaigning recently at a recreation center in Murray County — a rural, mainly white bastion of Republicanism on the Tennessee border — she stood before TV news cameras, reminding people of her work helping to pass a bipartisan billion-dollar transportation bill, and her support of legislation that supports grandparents and other family members raising children.
“I know how to work across the aisle when we need to,” she said.
And comprehensive criminal justice reform
Stacey Abrams
 “To help Gov. Nathan Deal…enact a criminal justice overhaul” AP 8.20.18
Abrams also brought Democrats to the table to help Gov. Nathan Deal, a Republican, enact a criminal justice overhaul with a distinct focus on juveniles and nonviolent drug offenses.
And she stopped the largest tax increase in Georgia history
GFX: “Stopped the largest tax increase in Georgia history” TIME 7.26.18
The tax overhaul failed, and on the campaign trail Abrams can credibly boast of having single-handedly stopped the largest tax increase in Georgia history.
VO: Both sides agree, Stacey Abrams works to help all of Georgia
GFX: Paid for by Stacey Abrams for Governor
Stacey Abrams
Sarah Riggs Amico
Delivering for Georgia

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Good job on the chart.
Could Abrams use the slogan, “A new Deal for Georgia” or would that backfire somehow?


Smart move. The uber-progressive will forgive her centrism/pragnatism (as they should) and it could help just a little with suburban female swing voters by countering the Repub narrative.

The Eiger
The Eiger

Yep. Good ad. Probably too late though.


I don’t know… The GOP ladies in the church parking lot this Sunday were talking about Kemp letting abusers still getting massage licenses (and why they only go to female massage techs). Someone tried to explain the whole board oversight to them, which made them madder. “If he can’t control who gets a license and can’t keep my voter info straight, what did do there then?” It should be noted this is some of the crew who voted for Perdue for senate in the 2014 primaries, since he was a good governor.


Kavanaugh and the GOP support for him is probably solving any problems she might have with women. Women can take it all out on Kemp in November.

The Eiger
The Eiger

At this point in this specific election cycle in Georgia I think undecided voters are voters that won’t actually be voting. She may sway a few folks but not enough to make a meaningful difference. What she needs to have happen is a game changer. Dead girl / live boy situation. That won’t happen with Kemp. To really have a chance you have needed to see outside groups coming in to not only support her but the dems running for congress and state seats to help drive turnout. That isn’t happening.


Once again you seen to lack the capacity to stay on topic. Perhaps you should rethink having a presence on the internet. Regarding your link, does Wicca count? How about Pastafarianism? My initial thought was that since the study was “people taking part in the long-term Nurses’ Health Study II” they probably didn’t get a very good cross section, and sure enough: . “One drawback of the new study was that although it tried to control for socioeconomic status and other confounding variables, most people in the study were white, female, and of higher socioeconomic status. The study would need… Read more »


I forgive the lapse based upon my understanding of dementia.


This was her perceived strength going into the race, a reputation for working across the aisle and creating common sense legislation. Might be the right timing, if this is repeated JUST enough. Overly repetitive airing of any campaign ad just gets annoying and becomes detrimental IMNSHO.