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GA-6 Special Election Enters Early Voting Stage; And A Note About Our Coverage

Voters in Georgia’s 6th Congressional District (North Fulton, North DeKalb, East Cobb) can go to the polls as early as today through their county’s early voting procedures. The April 18th special election features 18 candidates, who are identified by party but running all on the same ballot. Presuming no one gets 50% plus one vote

I’m Told We Haven’t Covered Marco Rubio Endorsing Judson Hill

1) The past two evenings I’ve been pinged late asking when we’re going to cover Florida Senator Marco Rubio’s endorsement of Judson Hill for the special election to CD6. 2) Consider it covered. 3) Here was the Governor’s Chief Of Staff’s response to this endorsement: @Meagan_M_Hanson @bluestein @marcorubio I would remind the 6th district, The

New Poll Numbers for CD-6

Released today, new CD-6 poll numbers, commissioned by ZPolitics and gathered by Clout Research, show former Secretary of State Karen Handel leading Republicans with 25%. First term Roswell City Councilor Bob Gray trails behind at 11%. The two day survey polled 694 respondents. Democrat Jon Ossoff has an overall lead of 32%. However, Democrat hopefuls shouldn’t pay too much attention to

Scam PAC + HuffPo = Fake News

This post is about political targets of opportunity. Many people outside the system believe the left and right oppose each other all the time. Politics, unfortunately, runs by a self-serving principle (and principal) too often. As such, elements from polar opposites of the political divide can unite when they see the potential to advance their