Pres. Trump to Karen Handel: Oh–You’re Welcome.

President Trump is claiming credit for ensuring no Republican won in last night’s CD-6 race.

I suppose it’s a badge of honor that you can cause a ten-point swing in an election. But usually, only, you know, if your party benefits from said change.

Or maybe a loss is a win if you have the right alternative facts.

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  1. Hey Ed… Who is president? Okay, that’s right. Not Hillary. It really is fun to watch you liberals nit pick and whine constantly.

    “Or maybe a loss is a win if you have the right alternative facts.” The real losers from last night are Dan Moody, Judson Hill and Ossoff for not getting 50%.

      1. I did say that the Perdue team that swindled Moody out of millions should be arrested for elder abuse. It really is sad.

        And your prediction on the 48 was spot on. I was calculating a larger republican day of vote that would bring his number down more. Clearly the GOP is going to have to come together. It’s going to be difficult for Ossoff to squeeze 2% more out of the 6th, but it’s possible.

          1. “How much does the Komen/Planned Parenthood flap matter, and in what way?” It matters absolutely zero to a republican voter. It may actually help her. People who care about that were never going to vote for Karen because they are democrats.

            1. >People who care about that were never going to vote for Karen because they are democrats.

              Or not. My (highly educated) conservative mother stopped giving to SGK For the Cure after they cut funding for PP. She now gives to NARAL, PP, and Stefanie Spielman. It’s possible to be fiscally conservative and in favor of limited government, and still support a woman’s right to terminate a pregnancy.

  2. Apparently a BIG “R” win is being 28 points behind a complete newcomer; I am not sure if the president read the numbers backwards or is simply delusional. But it was a good night for Jon Ossoff, congratulations to him and his team for all the work they have done.

  3. I was trying to add up all the small percentages from all the Dems to see if that got over 50%. Not enough, though, especially if you want a comfortable win. They’ll need to get out new voters.

  4. With a few hours of sleep, some observations on the 6th CD special:
    (1) It was a record turnout for a special congressional election in Georgia—some 192,000 votes cast—closer to what you might expect in an off-year turnout (years in which the governor was elected)—more than triple the 52,000 who showed up in 2010 for the state’s last special congressional, the 9th CD race to replace Nathan Deal. Ossoff’s 92,000-odd votes also was a record (for a candidate) for a special congressional in this state.
    (2) Ossoff got more votes in the 6th District than any other Democrat did there in the 2014 statewide contests; as some examples, he outpaced Michelle Nunn by about 11,000 votes and Jason Carter by about 15,000 votes.
    (3) Ossoff won all 3 counties in the district (majority in DeKalb, pluralities in Fulton and Cobb)
    (4) Ossoff was smart not to bring liberal firebrands into the district to campaign for him, like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren…would make him fodder for “tax and spend” liberal.
    (5) Endorsements seemed to carry little weight…yes, former Senator Chambliss endorsed Handel, but there is no evidence that made much difference in her second-place showing. Senator Perdue endorsed Dan Moody, who finished…fourth (though in a close battle for that with Judson Hill at last count). Club for Growth supported Gray….Judson Hill bragged about his support from the NRA and Georgia Right to Life (doesn’t Georgia RTL view candidates who would allow abortion in cases of rape and incest as liberals?)…and on a side note, Deal endorsed Gus Makris in Senate District 32, who finished fourth.
    (6) The 6th CD may be the closest thing to a “libertarian” congressional district in this state—fiscally conservative but moderate to liberal on social issues—so “Bible Belt” appeals don’t really work here. Back in 1992, the district backed the state lottery (probably close to 60%). Four years later, the district backed Isakson over Guy Millner in the GOP Senate runoff—and Isakson was openly pro-choice on abortion at that time. In 2012, 77% of the district voted in favor of Sunday retail alcohol sales (after backing Romney over Gingrich in the presidential primary).
    (7) Judson Hill finished third in Cobb—even though most of the Cobb portion of the 6th CD overlaps his old Senate District 32. Shocking……..

  5. Oh…and number (8) from yesterday: To the 13 candidates who each spent $5,200 or so on the ballot (for the 6th CD contest) and collectively got 4 percent of the vote—what were you thinking? Did any of you really believe you could win a runoff spot without spending a dime (or at the very least, very little at all) in network TV ads?

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