A Personal Programming Note

As I’ve noted here before, I’m openly supporting Karen Handel. We previously discussed that Lawton Sack was taking the lead for GOP coverage of the GA-6 race, and Stefan Turkheimer has been our POC for the Ossoff campaign.  None of that changes now that we’re in the runoff.

As of today, I’m joining the Handel campaign in an official capacity to assist with media.  GA-6 has quickly scaled to a national level campaign. My friend asked me to help out, and I’m for my friends.  Consider this additional disclosure as is our custom here.  All other coverage issues remain the same.

Republicans Begin To Circle Support Around Karen Handel

Georgia Republicans are beginning to rally around #GA6 Republican candidate Karen Handel. Governor Nathan Deal’s camp didn’t waste time circling support around Handel with Deal’s Chief of Staff Chris Riley taking to Twitter yesterday.

Senator Johnny Isakson also threw his support behind the Republican candidate yesterday:

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Pres. Trump to Karen Handel: Oh–You’re Welcome.

President Trump is claiming credit for ensuring no Republican won in last night’s CD-6 race.

I suppose it’s a badge of honor that you can cause a ten-point swing in an election. But usually, only, you know, if your party benefits from said change.

Or maybe a loss is a win if you have the right alternative facts.

Runoff! Speakers Weigh In

The hour is late (early) and Fulton County is still Fulton Countying, but it appears most parties agree we have a June 20th runoff in CD6.

As such, we have the following statements:

From Georgia House Speaker David Ralston:

“I’m proud to support Karen Handel as our next member of Congress from Georgia. Unlike her opponent, Karen lives in the 6th District and she understands the needs and views of the citizens in that district. She will represent the 6th District in Washington — not Hollywood or Manhattan. I will ask the GOP members of the Georgia House to join with me and engage in an aggressive way to elect Karen Handel to Congress.”

From U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan.

Expect a lot more unity to be published from the GOP side tomorrow.

Special Election Day Prediction Thread

Today in Georgia, we have the following special elections:

Sixth Congressional District,
State Senate District 32,
Roswell Municipal
Johns Creek Municipal
City of Stonecrest (NEW!)
City of South Fulton (NEW!)

Polls are open until 7pm but you may weigh in now. I am out of the prediction business and shall practice self-restraint and not publicly share mine. At least, not yet. You guys go head and tell us what’s going to happen. (And yes, on at least one of your Facebook pages, I noted at least one of you is expecting about 120% of the vote in CD6. May want to do the math and try to make sure the votes you’re predicting don’t exceed 100%). Go:

A Kay By Any Other Name…

Since former state Senator Judson Hill resigned his1 seat when he qualified to run for Congress, Senate District 32 seat needs to be filled with a special election. While this race hasn’t drawn the media attention of the CD6 scrum, the special election for State Senate 32 is special in its own way2.

Allegations bubbled that one candidate, Kay Kirkpatrick, changed her name prior to qualifying. It’s been reported that she signed a security deed as “Kay Haltom” on February 14 of this year, then qualified to run for the state senate as “Kay Kirkpatrick.” Coincidentally, “Haltom” is the last name of Dr. Kirkpatrick’s husband, so for the purposes of this post, I’ll refer to it as her “married name.”

One of the other candidates in the District 6 race3 has sought to make hay out of this, and a formal hearing to determine Dr. Kirkpatrick’s “qualifications to remain on the list of electors” is scheduled for Friday. It is possible that registering to vote using one name and signing a legal document using her married name could result in removing Dr. Kirkpatrick from the ballot – although that outcome is slightly less likely than a flock of black swans riding unicorns showing up at the State Capitol.    Continue reading “A Kay By Any Other Name…”

The Latest RNC Ad Targeting Jon Ossoff is Out

With the first round of the Congressional District 6 special election just six days away, the RNC is dropping a new attack ad against Jon Ossoff. Is the RNC worried about Ossoff surpassing 50 percent of the vote in the first round or that he will win the runoff? When you win a bright red Kansas congressional district by just 7 points, it might be something to consider. Let us know what you think in the comments.

I’m For Karen. You Should Be Too.

I haven’t exactly made it a secret that I’m a supporter of Karen Handel. Karen is a friend. That’s not why I’m supporting her. If you’ve been around the block a few times, you learn in this business that sometimes you have to tell your friends you can’t support them. And why. This isn’t one of those occasions. I support Karen without hesitation or reservation. I do so not because of our friendship, but because she’s the best person for the job.

We became friends sometime in late 2009 or early 2010. Or at least, that’s when we met. It’s almost impossible to become friends with someone in the midst of a campaign. Campaigns are good for networking; For picking up acquaintances who have shared goals. When the campaigns are over, goals often diverge. That’s when you find out who your friends are. I have about a quarter century experience with this.

That campaign for Governor was tough. Likely too tough. I started out without a candidate, eventually choosing Karen about a month before the primary. Things got personal. At times it was Karen against the world. She didn’t do what was easy. She didn’t bend in the face of overwhelming pressure to ease up. She stood on the principles she believed in until the end. She went down swinging. If something is worth fighting for, it’s the only way to fight. Continue reading “I’m For Karen. You Should Be Too.”

GA-6 Special Election Enters Early Voting Stage; And A Note About Our Coverage

Voters in Georgia’s 6th Congressional District (North Fulton, North DeKalb, East Cobb) can go to the polls as early as today through their county’s early voting procedures. The April 18th special election features 18 candidates, who are identified by party but running all on the same ballot. Presuming no one gets 50% plus one vote or more, there will be a runoff on June 20th between the top two vote getters.

Ok, and with that news placeholder out of the way, a couple of housekeeping notes. This is the time slot where I normally post my weekly column. My print outlets will be running a version of Jon Richards’ obituary that I posted here yesterday. I’ll use this time/space instead for a personal Publisher’s note about our coverage of the GA-6 race.

Jon was our Editor in Chief, and he assumed that title and I took the Publisher title when we created GeorgiaPol for a reason. My focus has now shifted to policy, and most of my writings are of the Op-Ed/persuasion variety. I write because I have opinions. And they are just that.

One of Jon’s goals, in all of his political activities here and well beyond, was “fairness”. He had opinions, but they didn’t manifest themselves as an agenda on the pages of GeorgiaPol.com. Among his many duties was to ensure we had balance in our coverage and diversity of ideas from our base of contributors. In theory this would have freed me up to get back to having my own opinions, separate from the body of work demonstrated on this site. Continue reading “GA-6 Special Election Enters Early Voting Stage; And A Note About Our Coverage”

I’m Told We Haven’t Covered Marco Rubio Endorsing Judson Hill

1) The past two evenings I’ve been pinged late asking when we’re going to cover Florida Senator Marco Rubio’s endorsement of Judson Hill for the special election to CD6.
2) Consider it covered.
3) Here was the Governor’s Chief Of Staff’s response to this endorsement:

4) This tweet is relevant because the whisper campaign for Hill is that “the Governor’s people” are supporting him. Apparently not. There’s my insider’s take.
5) Yes, I’m supporting Karen Handel, haven’t gotten around to writing about that yet, but anyone that’s been paying attention for a few weeks or 7 years knows that. Haven’t been writing about her either.
6) If you would like to understand the tone of this post better, I’ll refer you back to this comment from me yesterday, here.
7) I hope this gets us all caught up.