I’m Told We Haven’t Covered Marco Rubio Endorsing Judson Hill

1) The past two evenings I’ve been pinged late asking when we’re going to cover Florida Senator Marco Rubio’s endorsement of Judson Hill for the special election to CD6.
2) Consider it covered.
3) Here was the Governor’s Chief Of Staff’s response to this endorsement:

4) This tweet is relevant because the whisper campaign for Hill is that “the Governor’s people” are supporting him. Apparently not. There’s my insider’s take.
5) Yes, I’m supporting Karen Handel, haven’t gotten around to writing about that yet, but anyone that’s been paying attention for a few weeks or 7 years knows that. Haven’t been writing about her either.
6) If you would like to understand the tone of this post better, I’ll refer you back to this comment from me yesterday, here.
7) I hope this gets us all caught up.

Democrat John Ossoff Leads Republican Karen Handel By Slim Margin In GA-06 Race

A new poll released yesterday by the Trafalgar Group shows Democrat John Ossoff with a slight edge with 18.31% in the race to replace Tom Price in GA-06. Democrat Ron Slotin is in 6th place with 2.82%.

Former Secretary of State Karen Handel continues to hold a lead among the Republican contenders with 17.98% of those polled.  Former Johns Creek City Councilman Bob Gray is in 3rd place with 13.42%, former State Senator Judson Hill with 7.98% landed him in 4th place, 5th place: Amy Kremer with 3.05%, 7th place: Former State Senator Dan Moody with 2.11%, and 8th place: Bruce LeVell with 0.45%.

Over a third of those polled (33.9%) are still undecided.

Another interesting tidbit of data is the first question that they asked the poll respondents: their approval of Donald Trump’s job as president so far.  Over half of likely voters (51.47%) responded that they approved of the job the President was doing, 41.18% disapproved, and 7.35% had no opinion.  In a Republican district, that can be quite concerning.  It’s also why we’re seeing the NRCC targeting Ossoff early on by seeing what they can hang on him.  It’s also something that Senior Strategist at Trafalgar noticed:

Cahaly also stated, “We’ve already seen outside play a major role. Last week the Congressional Leadership Fund, (GOP) SuperPac, placed a 7-figure media-buy attempting to knock Ossoff off of his lead, and it appears to be working. Their theory in this game of Congressional special election Whac-A-Mole, is to hit the leading Dem enough to set an all-Republican runoff, but not so much that another Dem is elevated enough to contend. So far the Congressional Leadership Fund folks appear to be exceptional whackers.”

With just a little over a month before the election, we’ll see how variables in DC (including the continuing drama of President Trump, the newly released Republican plan to replace the Affordable Care Act, and the general sentiment of Washington) will play in the GA-06 race.  At this point, it may end up in a run-off between a Republican and a Democrat.

Bruce LeVell Will Enter CD6 Race

The final candidates to replace Tom Price in CD6 are shaping up. The latest> Bruce LeVell, according to this tweet:

Qualifying ends Wednesday at 1:00 p.m.

Update on the free-for-all in GA-6

UPDATE #2: Comes word now that the first to officially qualify for CD6 is now former State Senator Judson Hill, who walked the fine line between confidence and humility with the following statement: “We have a short period of time to enact the changes needed to put our country back on the right course. As we work to repeal and replace Obamacare as soon as possible, I’m the conservative legislator in this race who has written and passed patient-centered healthcare reforms in Georgia to expand access and lower costs. No one can replace Secretary Price, but I’m prepared to pick up his mantle and continue work on this pressing issue that affects all Georgia families.”  Hill has also been endorsed by former Georgian Newt Gingrich and the Family Research Council. 

UPDATE #1:: Former State Senator Dan Moody says he’s in the race, running on the “acta non verba” platform. “This is an historic opportunity to deliver on tax cuts, job creation, repealing Obamacare and shrinking the massive size of the federal government. The time for talking is over and the time for doing has arrived,” Moody said in a statement. 

Let’s just call it Georgia’s 6th Congressional donnybrook for the time being. First out of the gate is Bob Gray, who skipped over the chance to make a “50 Shades of Bob Gray” pun in his opening ad, and opted for a slick compilation of stock video built around traditional American themes of greatness, swamp-draining, and the Statue of Liberty.

There’s this troubling sentence, most likely the victim of a vague pronoun reference: “I believe we need to send citizens to DC, not attorneys and not politicians who will be there for a short period of time and solve problems and then go home.” (At :13-:20)  Let’s make grammar great again. According to the campaign, The ad begins today and will air district-wide “…as the first installment of a six-figure cable buy.”

At the other end of the decisiveness spectrum is State Rep. Betty ‘Hamlet’ Price, who has been threatening to announce that she would make up her mind about a decision on whether or not she’d consider thinking about running for her husband’s former seat in Congress for the past several weeks. As of Saturday, however, she has given herself a 72-hour deadline to make a decision, so we might know something by tomorrow.

We will keep you posted as the donnybrook unfolds.

Final Dates Set for CD 6 Election

Now that Governor Nathan Deal has issued the call for the 6th District special election, Secretary of State Brian Kemp has set up the remaining important dates concerning the election.

Qualifying will be held in the Elections Division of the Office of Secretary of State, 2 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive SE, 802 West Tower, Atlanta, Georgia 30334. That’s in the Sloppy Floyd B, uilding. Dates and hours of qualifying will be Monday and Tuesday, February 13 and 14, 2017 from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.; and Wednesday, February 15, 2017 beginning at 9:00 a.m. and ending at 1:00 p.m.

The qualifying fee shall be $5,220.00.

You must be registered to vote by March 20th in order to cast a ballot in the special election. Advance in-person voting will begin on Monday, March 27, 2017. On Election Day, the polls will be open from 7:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. A run-off election, if needed, will be held on June 20th.

And It’s Off To The Race…

The upcoming special election to fill Tom Price’s now vacated 6th Congressional seat can now begin in earnest. The free-for-all has been scheduled. Governor Deal has issued the call for an election, and qualifying will be Monday, Feb. 13  through Wednesday, Feb. 15. The Special Election will be Tuesday, April 18, with the runoff scheduled for Tuesday, June 20.

The timing of the election and the sheer number of candidates make this campaign akin to a jungle primary, where the election is held only to winnow the field down to two. It’s highly likely that the ultimate winner won’t be decided until the runoff. Continue reading “And It’s Off To The Race…”

Chuck Payne Is Going To Atlanta

Senator-elect Chuck Payne (R-SD-54)

Chuck Payne is the winner tonight in State Senate District 54 in a contest against Independent candidate Debby Peppers. According to the Secretary of State’s site, Chuck won with 65.41% of the vote.  Turnout was a smidge over 9%.

One interesting bit of data that someone mentioned to me is that, regarding to the wrong date on the mailers that were sent out, of 1,037 households that received the goofed-up mailer waited to vote until 1/17 (which we know not all of them did–in fact, a number voted early) AND 100% of them voted for Peppers, it would not change the outcome.  So much for ginning up controversy.

Chuck had this to say about his victory tonight:

When I retired from 30 years of service to our at-risk youth I had no idea that God would soon open a door for service in a different role. I want to thank my family, friends, the voters of the 54 Senate District and those from across Georgia who believed in us and who stood with us to #BeTheDifference. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

And from Justin Tomczak who advised Chuck’s campaign:

Chuck Payne is one of the finest people I know in Georgia politics. It was my honor to help him out as he has helped so many fine candidates in the past. We need more people like Chuck involved in the political process.

Congratulations, Senator-elect.

Chuck Martin Reconsiders GA-6; To Remain In House

From Rep Chuck Martin:


Georgia House Chamber will be busy soon; we will be taking the Oath of Office when the House convenes at 10am.
I will take that Oath and continue in service to House District 49 and the State of Georgia; as such, I will not be a candidate for the Sixth Congressional District.

My decision is based in large part on love for my family and community. To run and win a Congressional Office means taking a full time job in Washington, DC. For those that know me, you know my heart is a Georgia heart so leaving would be especially hard.

Today and everyday, I’m humbled and honored to be able to serve while still living daily in the community and state I love; I’m ready to get to work.

Thanks to the people of House District 49 for allowing me the opportunity to serve.
Yours for Georgia,

Chuck Martin

Chuck Payne Receives Big Name Endorsements In SD-54 Race

As the runoff heats up between Republican Chuck Payne and independent (but who will probably caucus with Democrats if elected) Debby Peppers, Chuck has picked up some big name endorsements to add to the bill in addition to former Congressman Jack Kingston and 9th District Congressman Doug Collins.

Chuck has recently picked up an endorsement from Karen Handel, 14th District Congressman Tom Graves is hosting a fundraiser for Chuck in Dalton tomorrow, and word on the street has it that Governor Nathan Deal and Lt. Governor Casey Cagle will be hosting an event for Chuck next week.

The 54th Senate District is a conservative district, and Chuck is a strong conservative Republican.  We intend on keeping it that way.

Newt Gingrich Endorses Judson Hill

Former 6th District Congressman and Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich endorsed State Senator Judson Hill for the seat he once held. In a Facebook post, Gingrich said:

America should be encouraged that Congressman Tom Price will be our new Secretary of Health and Human Services, but this also means voters in the 6th District will have an important choice to make about who to send to Washington as a principled conservative reformer.

I am eager to support my long-time friend, Senator Judson Hill. I’ve seen Judson work every day to pass common sense tax cuts and healthcare legislation that helps every Georgian. That’s the kind of proven conservative leadership Georgia needs. Judson will immediately get to work and bring his effective leadership to Washington representing the people of #Georgia’s 6th District.

Hill, who hails from Cobb County, once the 6th District’s base, is the only declared candidate for the seat. Others considered possible candidates include State Rep. Chuck Martin, State Rep. Betty Price, State Sen. Brandon Beach, former State Sen. Dan Moody, and former Secretary of State Karen Handel.