A Few Thoughts On The Reaction To Georgia’s Newest US Senator

First of all, congratulations to Georgia’s new junior US Senator Kelly Loeffler. Second of all, congratulations to Governor Brian Kemp for joining the #RINO club. Don’t worry, Mr. Governor, you’re in fine company.

The cries of how Governor Kemp’s appointment of an alleged “#RINO” has ramped up before Thanksgiving. Him appointing an alleged #RINO makes him a #RINO too. Or something. Yes, it’s not official until Wednesday, but it’s pretty much a done deal at this point.

I believe this has less to do with who Kemp ultimately selected and more with him not complying with President Donald Trump’s wishes to have Congressman Doug Collins (R-GA-09) selected to be the next Senator from Georgia. Then came the Trump foot soldiers to try and rally the “grassroots” to urge Kemp to select Collins over Loeffler. Among those foot soldiers were Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz. For a political party that has leaned towards states’ rights and federalism, there has been a lot of pressure from the Trumpian foot soldiers for Governor Kemp to capitulate to the President. Perhaps the Congressman should keep in his own lane and mind his business.

If you remember back to the gubernatorial primary in 2018, Governor Kemp gained an endorsement from Donald Trump over his rival then-Lieutenant Governor Casey Cagle. There was an assumption (that’s the feeling I get, at least) that Kemp “owed” Trump for his win in the primary–even though he would have likely won even without the endorsement.

“Kemp will be a one term governor!” exclaimed some Trumpists on social media. “Kemp has betrayed the grassroots!” others derided. Oh the humanity….nevermind the fact that Georgia voters will be filling the vacancy permanently via a jungle primary next November. Facts get in the way of good ol’ outrage. The fact is, Governor Kemp has an obligation and duty to do what is in the best interests of Georgia–not for what’s best for Trump, Inc. It’s how federalism is supposed to work.

The grousing of the Governor bucking the President inspired me to post the article I wrote back in February 2016 on social media saying that it was still relevant today. It’s the same article that was waved by a perennial loser for GAGOP office as if it were the bloody shirt trying to say I’m against “the grassroots”. I continue to stand by the piece. Quite frankly, the folks waving the bloody shirt are exactly who I wrote about–they care more about power than they do principles.

I’m willing to trust Governor Kemp’s judgment. If you think about it, we will have a trial period for our new US Senator. If we don’t like how she represents Georgia, then we get to make a change in November 2020. That’s how elections work!

We will see the usual political grifters manufacture outrage with a hand out for donations to “challenge #TheEstablishment” and line their pockets. There will be cries of RINOism, betrayal, and other words to trigger a knee-jerk reflex in the Trumpian base. Quite frankly, folks need to chill and stop being angry because someone told you to be.


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