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Remember, Remember, the 7th of November

As of today, there have been five special elections scheduled by Gov. Nathan Deal (R) to fill vacancies in the Georgia General Assembly. At least two more are on the way once state Rep. Geoff Duncan (R) and state Sen. Hunter Hill (R) make their resignations official. The Duncan and Hill seats will probably be

We Have YET ANOTHER Candidate to Replace Vincent Fort

UPDATE: I suppose I haven’t been following this race closely. Linda Pritchett, Mable Thomas and Elijah Tutt are running as well. Nikema Williams made it official today, announcing her campaign for Senate District 39. If you’ve spent time at the Capitol or even been marginally involved with Democratic Party politics for the last 12 years

A Personal Programming Note

As I’ve noted here before, I’m openly supporting Karen Handel. We previously discussed that Lawton Sack was taking the lead for GOP coverage of the GA-6 race, and Stefan Turkheimer has been our POC for the Ossoff campaign.  None of that changes now that we’re in the runoff. As of today, I’m joining the Handel

Republicans Begin To Circle Support Around Karen Handel

Georgia Republicans are beginning to rally around #GA6 Republican candidate Karen Handel. Governor Nathan Deal’s camp didn’t waste time circling support around Handel with Deal’s Chief of Staff Chris Riley taking to Twitter yesterday. Congrats @karenhandel !! @GovernorDeal & our team look forward to working with you to keep the 6th CD in Georgia and

Pres. Trump to Karen Handel: Oh–You’re Welcome.

President Trump is claiming credit for ensuring no Republican won in last night’s CD-6 race. Despite major outside money, FAKE media support and eleven Republican candidates, BIG "R" win with runoff in Georgia. Glad to be of help! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) April 19, 2017 I suppose it’s a badge of honor that you can

Special Election Day Prediction Thread

Today in Georgia, we have the following special elections: Sixth Congressional District, State Senate District 32, Roswell Municipal Johns Creek Municipal City of Stonecrest (NEW!) City of South Fulton (NEW!) Polls are open until 7pm but you may weigh in now. I am out of the prediction business and shall practice self-restraint and not publicly