Republicans Begin To Circle Support Around Karen Handel

Georgia Republicans are beginning to rally around #GA6 Republican candidate Karen Handel. Governor Nathan Deal’s camp didn’t waste time circling support around Handel with Deal’s Chief of Staff Chris Riley taking to Twitter yesterday.

Senator Johnny Isakson also threw his support behind the Republican candidate yesterday:

Senator David Perdue, who put his name behind Dan Moody in the crowded Republican field, didn’t exactly give a formal endorsement of Handel by name, but rather gave a more nebulous response yesterday morning on how Republicans need to prevent a Democratic win in #GA6 come June 20th:

Contrast with today, Governor Nathan Deal officially endorsed Karen Handel in the #GA6 runoff against Democrat John Ossoff:

The two former political rivals from the 2010 gubernatorial race have long since mended fences with Handel endorsing Governor Deal’s campaign both in 2010 and 2014, and her advancing to the runoff offers the Governor and opportunity to reciprocate.  I expect Republicans to continue offering up support and hopefully will energize Georgia Republicans to fight to keep the 6th District a Republican district.

Update: Senator David Perdue formally endorsed and pledged his full support to Karen’s campaign this afternoon:

“Republicans are at our best when we are united. In Georgia’s 6th District, our work is not over. We now have nine weeks for an all-hands on deck effort to reveal the true choice in this race. National liberal groups are spending millions to mislead the people of the 6th District. We all know Jon Ossoff will not be a moderate if he gets to Congress. It’s time for Republicans to come together. I not only endorse Karen Handel, but pledge my full support in the coming weeks to make sure Nancy Pelosi doesn’t get one more vote in the United States House of Representatives.” – Senator David Perdue

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