Author: Rob

Express lanes on I-75 south off to a good start

If you’ve traveled south of Atlanta on I-75 recently you may have noticed (and if you are me, been considerably confused by) two new reversible express lanes that run about 12 miles through Clayton and Henry counties. Depending on traffic conditions, driving in these lanes costs somewhere between $0.10 and $0.90 per mile. Apparently commuters

50 elected officials in Southeast Georgia endorse Cagle’s gubernatorial bid

Lieutenant Gov. Casey Cagle (R) continues racking up endorsements from Georgia’s elected officials in his bid to be Georgia’s next governor. On August 1, he announced 50 endorsements from the southeastern part of Georgia. Here are some of the highlights:   State Senators Sen. Ben Watson (Savannah) Sen. Ellis Black (Valdosta) Sen. Jesse Stone (Waynesboro)

Sen. Michael Williams to hold press conference tomorrow on “reprehensible actions” of Casey Cagle

                State Senator Michael Williams (R) is holding a press conference at the state capitol tomorrow to “make a statement regarding previously undisclosed actions of Lt. Governor Casey Cagle.” According to the Facebook invite, “The actions and corroborating details will be presented at the press conference.” Williams and