Georgia again named number one state for business by Site Selection magazine

Three cheers for Georgia and Gov. Nathan Deal. For the fifth straight year, Georgia has been named the number one state to do business by Site Selection magazine. Deal credited yet another top ranking to our state’s low tax burden, skilled workforce, and “unparalleled connectivity.” The editor-in-chief of Site Selection said the ranking was largely based on the tracking of private capital projects with $1 million or more of investment, 20 or more jobs, or 20,000 square feet or more of new construction.

On Monday, Deal announced additional programs to boost the state’s workforce. Five new industry areas will be added to the HOPE Career Grant, which helps fund the education of students interested in working in areas that the state government has deemed vital to Georgia’s future. The new areas are Construction, Aviation, Electrical Line Work, Logistics, and Automotive Technology.

Amazon, if you are reading this, doesn’t Georgia sound like a good place to set up shop?

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Site Selection Magazine on one hand. Hundreds of billions in venture capital going to Silicon Valley on the other. (To speak nothing of Seattle, the northern Virginia/southern Maryland/DC corridor, and oh yeah the Boston/NYC/Connecticut/New Jersey corridor. Or the very underrated – by the national mainstream media for obvious reasons except when they are bashing fossil fuels and football – Dallas/Forth Worth, Austin, Houston triangle. Seriously it’s a triangle that is connected by an excellent highway system … see here for yourself and we do not have its equivalent in our state: ) Pick your side and place your bets.… Read more »


I dont think roads only cuts it these days. Companies want transit options for their employees. If we are looking at different indexes…might as well check out Kauffman. Georgia does much better than last year…why that is I am not sure.


I was told by someone pretty high up at Amazon (who has knowledge of the selection discussions) thats its down to 2 cities…Atlanta and Dallas.
So dont screw it up with this stupid “religious liberty ” crap. It could make the difference between winning and losing

Dave Bearse
Dave Bearse

So how much did Georgia score for the tax breaks it grants simply because lobbyist ask for ’em, and the General Assembly never looks back?

The national GOP’s hypocrisy on the deficit is evident by proposal to cut taxes mostly for the rich that will increase by a trillion or more. The state GOP’s hypocrisy that taxes should be simplified is proven by adding new special interest exemptions, deductions and credits nearly every year.