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2020’s Stupidest Candidate Is In Georgia!

I’m sorry, I should be more charitable and merely say: the most quixotic. Yeah. That’s it. Angela Stanton-King qualified to run against John Lewis. That alone makes it, stupid silly. But being a Republican doubles the–whatever adjective we’re using. Having your felony pardoned by President Trump trebles that. Her platform seems to be overall thin

Ed Tarver Still Prepping Senate Bid

Democrats seemed poised to be to rally behind Raphael Warnock for Senate on Thursday. Buried in Politico’s reporting on Warnock’s announcement is news that Ed Tarver is finalizing his campaign for the same Senate seat. Warnock picked up the endorsement of Stacey Abrams right after announcing his candidacy to fulfill the term of Johnny Isakson.

Congresswoman Karen Handel Kicks Off Campaign In Roswell

Congresswoman Karen Handel (R-GA-06) kicked off her general election campaign yesterday in Roswell. Speaking to a packed house, the Congresswoman highlighted some of the accomplishments that have come from the Republican Congress: largest military pay increase in a decade, tax cuts that are putting more dollars in the pockets of Americans, roaring economic growth with

Former 10th Congressional Candidate Arrested on Murder Charges

On Wednesday, 30 year-old Kellie Lynn Collins was arrested by the McDuffie County Sheriff’s Office for the murder of 41 year-old Curt Jason Cain, according to the Daily Mail. Ms. Collins dropped out of the race for “personal reasons” and was not on the ballot.  Apparently, deputies found the body during a well-being check after

“I’ll Never Drink in Dalton GA Again…”

According to the Daily Citizen, a Democratic Congressional Candidate for Georgia’s 14th District was arrested in September of last year and found guilty on Monday of DUI. Steven Lamar Foster was driving home from dinner with his wife, Elizabeth, when the couple was pulled over by Whitfield County Sheriff’s Deputies. Mr. Foster’s wife commented more

A Questionable Poll With All Dems Up in Georgia

Democrats almost assuredly like the results from the latest Gravis Marketing poll. Trump disapproval 49%, only 46% approve! Generic Dem congressional candidate up by four points! Abrams over Kemp by two points! Sarah Riggs Amico(!) over Goff [sic] Duncan by two points! Barrow over Raffensberger by four(!) points! Same-sex marriage supporters outnumber opponents by three percent!  But